Amid the surge of Novel Coronavirus cases worldwide, work from home has become the new norm. And that’s the reason Indian VoIP Service Providers are the most preferred choice among MNCs’ when it comes to flexibility and productivity. You can call it the best communication alternative to ensure proper social distancing is maintained through the COVID-19 pandemic, without failing to achieve business goals or affecting the scale of productivity.

VoIP is an amazing platform that aids businesses in the best possible way by unifying their communication channel, especially when work from home is the only way out. VoIP systems now take advantage of futuristic, high-definition codecs that have improved enormously over the period, offering unmatched voice quality even better than the landlines. In addition to this, employees get a more flexible environment to work because the phone calls are now the new data. Moreover, state-of-the-art features such as; Call Forwarding, File-Sharing, Instant Messaging, Call Recording, Video-Conferencing, & Voice Mail make them even more rewarding for companies.

Why consider Indian VoIP Service Providers for your Business Communication:

  • Pricing & Features: Cost is something that would be coming to your mind at first, but knowing your current requirements & anticipating your future needs is a must. Indian VoIP Service Providing companies not only offer you a reasonable price tag but also give you a fantastic selection of features.
  • Custom Integrated Mobile Apps: As a drastic shift in the workforce towards distributed and remote locations, the growing demand for custom VoIP mobile apps is at an all-time high. However, you can’t expect the same value and services that desktop apps offer from mobile apps. Desktop-enabled features like call log creation, voicemail transcripts if the call isn’t answered are not available on every mobile-based app. Yes, you avail of all the features mentioned above when you opt for Indian VoIP Providers. You avail of all these features on a custom mobile app.
  • Tools to Collaborate: High-end VoIP Services come with a variety of collaboration tools that allow employees to stay connected online and work as a team. Apart from basic options like SMS texting, Video Conferencing, & Online meet, they also need advanced features like screen sharing, ability to comment on shared documents as well. Indian companies offer customization tools that allow you to combine specific features gained through third-party integrations with the current VoIP system. Isn’t this great?
  • The Versatility They Offer: You can integrate your VoIP system with other systems such as; CRM or Help Desk that lets you understand your audience better. It also plays a major role in cost-cutting and empowers you with all the advanced features that are used to avail with the enterprise-level PBX only.
  • Effective Call Management: Managing a large volume of calls at a time, can be an overwhelming task. Powered by state-of-the-art call management technology, the Indian VoIP system can handle the job effortlessly with 100% precision. The VoIP system queues those calls adequately & intelligently distributes them among the end-users based on their availability, location, or another criterion that comes first.
  • 24*7 Support: No matter how good or superlative services your VoIP provider offers, without the support you will be in a mess. You are with a service provider that is available 24*7 to answer your queries.
  • High-End Security Features: Security is a must for every single cloud-based service that’s plugged into your system, as there is a potential threat of cyber attack every day. Indian VoIP services come packed with high-end security features, guaranteeing 100% data protection at any cost.
  • Unified Channel for Communication: This means integrating all of your communication channels within one single app. You get a unified system that is able to use all the channels more efficiently. 

VoIPTech Solutions is one of the Top VoIP Service Providers in India, offering a comprehensive range of features that your business needs the most. On top of this, our all-powerful customization tools can make your business communication even better & more effective.