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People love privacy and this is universally accepted by businesses of all sizes. And, they try every possible way to keep their privacy private, out of the reach of the general audience or hackers. In order to keep their customers’ phone numbers private, what most companies and websites do is, request their contact details for account verification purposes. But doing it securely in a cost-effective way pays the dividend. And, what could be better than using Temporary Numbers for OTP to verify OTP sent and registration of your business without facing any trouble or getting spam detection. Defining Temporary Numbers for OTP, they are another version of Virtual numbers that are mostly preferred by legitimate businesses for OTP verification purposes on different apps & e-Commerce websites. How do they help, would like to know? Let’s get started.

First of all, we have to know about the temporary mobile numbers. Have you ever realized that knowingly or unknowingly you must have come across these temporary mobile numbers at some point in time! Yes, what you heard is absolutely right. Temporary numbers are virtual mobile numbers that are not fake at all. Unlike the general phone numbers we use these days, the temporary numbers meant for short-term use can be for a day or a month. To keep these numbers active, you just need to pay your VoIP service provider and use them as long as you want.

In general, some of the service providers tend to give their clients these numbers that can be used for online account verification purposes. Be it for:

  1. For account verification purpose
  2. Or to make calls
  3. Or to send SMS to other numbers

What do I need to do in order to get it working?

You just need to recharge the number and get going. Isn’t that great!

What is an OTP? Why do businesses need it?

In simple terms, an OTP stands for One Time Password that generally users get for account verification. For example; when you land on a website or install an app and try to create an account, what do you get or come to your given number? A code right? Yes, that’s the OTP you get to verify your account. You need to enter that OTP and get started. And, there is a reason why businesses do this. This way they can collect the numbers of legitimate users and avoid spammers from getting access to their websites or apps. You can also achieve many things in the near future using these temporary numbers. The rate of improvement will let you explore many dimensions of technology, and temporary numbers are not an exception.

What makes Temporary Mobile Numbers a good choice for OTP Verification?

You will find a number of valid reasons to employ these temporary mobile numbers for OTP verification. If you don’t want your personal mobile number to be shared with others and would like to maintain privacy, you will find these things really helped. Here are the common concerns of businesses that are addressed by these temporary numbers.

  • Those who don’t intend to share their personal mobile number to get shared on a public domain
  • When the personal mobile numbers reach their verification limit
  • When you require multiple disposable numbers for referral purpose or promotional activities for a new app launch
  • Times at when then SMS are not being delivered to your registered numbers

What makes Indian temporary mobile numbers good to go?

Getting temporary mobile numbers in India is very secure in terms of feasibility, however; the processes involved are not simple as that of the US, Uk & Canada. The reason? You will come across very few VoIP service providers in India that can provide you with these temporary numbers. Only reputed service providers with years of industry knowledge like VoIPTech Solutions or other Indian providers can give genuine temporary numbers. 

Let’s take a brief look at some of the crucial features of these Temporary Mobile Numbers:

  • Get OTP Instantly: With these numbers, you can expect to get OTP codes in seconds or less
  • No Primary Registration Required: The best thing about these Indian temporary numbers are, you won’t have to register in advance
  • No Extra Charges: No hidden fees. All the inclusive charges are mention earlier itself
  • Multi-nation Phone Numbers Available: Even if your business setup is outside of India, these temporary numbers support OTP verification in countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Russia, Europe, etc.

How to get started using these numbers?

Well, that’s very simple. First of all, you need to choose a reputed service provider in India to get these numbers. You can set some parameters by telling them your business requirements. What next? Just follow these simple steps:

  • Log on to: https://voiptechsolutions.in/
  • Find your country in the list and select the number
  • You can use that number wherever you want for verification purpose
  • You will now receive an OTP. The process may take few seconds
  • Then you can use this OTP for the verification of your account

Well, many many congratulations to you! Now, you have the temporary mobile number that you can use to verify your account without revealing your personal number. The messages are valid for 24 hours only, after that they will be discarded. Your service provider will give you new numbers or refresh them after every month ends. 

Are you an enterprise or any online business, looking for VoIP Providers that can provide you with Temporary Mobile Numbers for OTP? You couldn’t have a better choice than VoIPTech Solutions. To buy temporary numbers from us, please call: +91-7008220621.