WhatsApp – It’s more like the social oxygen that people need to breathe in the age of the Internet. No doubt it is the most familiar social messaging app at the moment – from kids to older ones, there is no age barrier that can keep WhatsApp from being a part of everyday life. However, it is no longer limited to social use only as you can do a lot more than just gossiping, just kidding! With recent updates and end-user convictions, it is proved to be one of the most valuable marketing tools for businesses as well. WhatsApp for Business is slowly but steadily making inroads to the business world, breaking the stereotypes of being a social distancing platform. Though it was being developed with a primary aim for interpersonal message exchange between individuals, update status, share pictures, and all, it has come a long way from just being a social messaging app. Eventually, it turned out to be the most popular & successful messaging platform to date, venturing into new horizons. From one-on-one to large groups, it has managed to set the tempo for larger-scale business modules. You can say WhatsApp for Business is the only messaging application that made things a bit easier for businesses of all sizes to get introduced to new markets by racing a larger audience base without a stringent marketing effort.

Well, there is a big tussle between small businesses and big enterprises – whom it will benefit the most? The answer is pretty simple – it’s for both! WhatsApp’s API is designed in such an intelligent way that you can make use of its amazing features to reach out to an audience of different age groups, caste, races & religions irrespective of the size of your organization. It can be a real help for businesses from remote areas to the global stage to provide good customer service and notify them on several occasions. Now, you must be curious to explore different options that you can achieve with WhatsApp for Business, like how it functions with business-specific terms and how it can help you. In this blog, we will show you the benefits of this app and what it meant to your business.

Decoding The Business WhatsApp!

Business WhatsApp is a completely separate tool from that of the original one when it comes to functionalities. WhatsApp is the true means, connecting friends and family by messaging, audio calling, video calling, group calling; whereas the other version is to connect businesses of all sizes with their target audience, irrespective of their geographical location. 

The best thing about business WhatsApp is, you can have a separate dedicated business number for your business account. You can have two accounts on one device, one for personal use and another one for business purposes, but you need to have two different registered numbers for the same.                               

This tool is designed in such a way that it allows business owners to offer a concierge-like service to the customers. WhatsApp for Business gives businesses of all sizes to add a personal touch to the interaction with their customers as well. Thanks to the pandemic, from cash to going cashless, digital means of the transaction has certainly become the new norm and having a WhatsApp business account can prove to be an incredibly valuable asset. How? As a business, you can stand out among millions.  

Customers are more likely to go with your products or services, as the platform doesn’t allow businesses to send a text on WhatsApp unless the customers themselves give a node to your business account or said yes to be contacted through the business account. It guarantees 100% data protection of the end-users, giving them a sense of reliability. 

WhatsApp for Business

If customers take the initiative from their side to reach you through your business number, that chat would stay live for 24 hours from the last text entered, and it’s absolutely free of cost. WhatsApp for Business also ensures a spam-free experience to the end-users, making them feel safe when they choose the WhatsApp number as the channel of communication with your business.

How You Can Use The Features of WhatsApp to Market Your Business?

If you take a look at the recent marketing data, it reveals that there are more than 2 billion WhatsApp users all over the world and more to be added in the next few months. The tally could go past more than 2.5 billion by the end of 2021. Thanks to the lockdown that brought everyone under one roof and a huge surge in WhatsApp users, as it allowed more time for the users to exchange text using the app. With the App being available in 175+ countries and in 60 different languages and many more to get added in the coming days that include local Indian languages spoken in popular states, you can expect your business to connect well with the audience. 

You will be simply missing out on a large chunk of business opportunities if you keep ignoring the Business WhatsApp. The situation might improve post-Covid, but organizations ranging from startups, small, mid-sized to big enterprises can benefit from the all-weather ally, WhatsApp Business. The travel restriction in recent times has made them realize the fact and the scintillating marketing benefits the app offers. The popularity of this app is appealing to the shoppers to easily adopt WhatsApp for business. Still not convinced? Well, here are a few more clinical reasons to have this app as a marketing tool for your organization.

Business is always a numbers game, if the numbers are on our site, then it’s game on. As the numbers suggest, the businesses that have business accounts in WhatsApp are more on the customer’s radar and a remarkable local presence. So it’s natural that a business with a large following or visitors can have a better chance to turn them into its potential customers. In addition to this, the user-friendly features of WhatsApp help you bring your existing customers on board without any hassle. Isn’t that great?

WhatsApp chat is encrypted, so customer data is protected. The Interaction between the business and customers’ can’t be seen or accessed by others. With this high level of security, both can enjoy secure, encrypted conversation 24/7, from any part of the world. If a certain purchase or translation requires credit or debit card details, then you can assure your customers 100% protection of their sensitive information, no matter where they are.

It’s not about the customers only, your in-house teams and agents working abroad can also take advantage of its secure encryption for sharing data securely. Your sales team can use the app as the first point of contact and send personalized invoices to the customers. To add a personal touch, your marketing team can send media files, gifs, and other docs. There is no other networking app that is so fast and convenient as WhatsApp. So, it is definitely a game-changer for the support teams that work from different locations, as they can solve queries with collecting effort, enhancing customer experience to a great extent.  

Keeping track of the performance of the team or individuals is a great advantage of this app. With more and more workforce opting for remote work, businesses are also in need of a reliable platform that their employees can use to log in from any part of the world. And, WhatsApp has all the features and security protocols to match the business needs. You can customize the app that best fits your business needs, this will help you achieve bigger milestones. One of the most important things is  CRM integration. You can see all the WhatsApp chats in your CRM.

Remarkable Features that You’re Get with WhatsApp:

  • Managing Orders Smoothly: Managing a huge volume of orders has never been so easy before the introduction of WhatsApp Business. You can respond to customer queries as well using this app.
  • Get Access To The Right Statistics: Businesses can take a leaf out of the bound and dig deep into the customers’ data to avail the exact statistics.
  • Auto-filled Replies: You can welcome clients with personalized welcome gesture and provide necessary information with auto-replies
  • To get Verified: With a verified WhatsApp Business account, you can gain a sense of reliability, by establishing yourself as a verified brand.

What does Whatsapp Business mean to You?

While establishing communication with your sales agents or support team, your customers should not leave with a feeling of talking to a robot or meaningless conversation. In this case, the WhatsApp business can be a game-changer. If you take the latest data into consideration then, companies having WhatsApp accounts are 60% more capable of converting visitors into potential customers and are set to earn more profit than that those that aren’t. To be a familiar name, you won’t;s have to knock door to door or spend a huge amount on the marketing effort, WhatsApp Business is all that you need.

Leave everything and just seat down for a while & think like a customer – would you like to go to a business or want business coming to you? You would rather opt for the second, right? Yes! Consumers always can’t take a walk or drive miles to connect with businesses. They are looking for a communication channel that they can relate with or already having — and, WhatsApp does the rest.

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