The Importance of API Integration in Your Call Center Software!
 Have you ever wondered, what is the Call Center Solution and its uses? Well, in the 21st century, it’s the most used solutions by organizations or call centers of all sizes to cater the needs of their customers. It empowers businesses to retain potential customers and attract new leads, ultimately increasing revenues by a great number. In general, Call center solutions come equipped with a plethora of amazing features that are second to none. However, keeping the growing competition and customer demands in mind, the need for Integrated Call Center Solution is at all time high.So, what’s the definition of Integrated Call Center Solution?

Well, when you integrate one or more APIs into the call center software, it is known as an integrated solution.

The sole purpose of an integrated call center software is only to deliver a better customer experience & boost productivity. If you are in the hunt for the best in the business, then a call center solution in Mumbai is the ideal choice for you. With such an amazing list of useful features and many add-on functional capacities, it would set a benchmark in the call center industry.  

Here are the list of Distinctive API Features that you must Integrate in your Call Center Solution: Customer Relationship management (CRM) Integration: A high-end software, using which one can store all the customer information. This software can keep track of all the interactions that the customers made to the call center. Call Center CRM Integration helps empower agents by making customer information available on the screen during the call. It gives a more personalized touch to the customer interaction and increases the satisfaction rate to a great extent.

  • WhatsApp Integration: It’s quite important to reach out to the customer in their comfort zone. Whether it’s a support campaign or sales campaign, Call Centers can run both by reaching the target audience easily. Being the most popular platform on the planet, it allows call centers to reach their customers anywhere, anytime. An agent can have multiple interactions with the contacts simultaneously.
  • Social Networking Sites Integration: In the 21st century, you call it the most powerful medium to clinch the public eye. The more likes & shares you get, the more visible your brand becomes. The integration of these popular social media channels with the call center software helps deliver better customer services on these platforms.
  • Web based phone system: In general, call centers use a software powered phone known as Softphone to attend calls that require timely maintenance. However, with a WebRTC based webphone, easy software integration can be done, enabling users to make & take calls on their own device. Thus, boosting agents’ productivity to a great extent & ensuring a great customer experience.
  • Conventional Communication Platforms: Customers always feel good when they get support via their preferred communication platforms. No matter how the technology has evolved so far, people still like to communicate through SMS and Email. By integrating SMS API and email API into the call center solution, you can make your clients feel good & make the best out of your working hours.
To be very specific, as an organization – you can’t grow until unless you put efforts to provide a better customer experience. By integrating distinctive API features in your Call Center Solution you can empower internal communication and improve international collaboration as well. As a whole, it would be a powerful tool to establish communication in a much better way. Happy customers, happy you!

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