Are you a contact center, facing issues while checking Mobile number portability status? Are you planning to change your current mobile network provider but worried about how to check the Mobile number portability status? It is definitely a good idea to shift to a different network if your current mobile network provider is not up to the market. And the best part is? The Mobile number portability status is very easy and quick. You can simply port your existing number from the comfort of your home. 

You will be really amazed to know that the mobile number portability allows you to switch your business phone service provider from one network to the other network by keeping your existing phone number the same. It is the only service that is applicable if you are crossing the states across the country as well. What do you say? 

Is there any way contact centers can track their Mobile Number Portability request?

As there is no way to check the exact status of mobile number portability, the only thing you can do is track your new SIM card delivery after ordering online. 

Here is the list of detailed information for mobile number portability:

  • Place a request: Before beginning the Mobile number portability process, you need to generate a porting code through an SMS. Send “PORT space and the mobile number”. Remember, the port is really confidential, because, at the time of delivery of the SIM, you have to share the code. After that generates a request for mobile number portability at VoIPTech Solutions, for that you just need to select a mobile number connection and a plan and add the delivery details. 
  • Mobile number portability request processing: Then your mobile number portability request will be processed by the service provider. 
  • Complete delivery and verification: For SIM delivery and digital KYC verification for your new number, you do not need to be worried about it. Our representative will do that for you. And once your mobile number portability is processed completely by the service provider, you can start using that.  

When you will be getting the SMS confirmation regarding the Mobile number portability request?

Generally, for mobile number portability, it takes time. The processing time is quite longer than the usual time. You have to wait for 7-10 working days for the complete processing after placing the mobile number portability request. 

When will you be able to change the SIM?

Once your current SIM card stops showing any network, then you can immediately switch to the new SIM card and this usually happens at the midnight. And your number remains active through the entire process of mobile number portability. And the total downtime for the network at midnight is 2-3 hours. 

  • First Recharge: Let’s consider a prepaid connection porting, once you have completed the tele verification of your number just after the activation of the SIM card, the selected recharge plan will be automatically added to your account. 

Is it possible to reject a mobile number portability request?

Nobody likes their network to be disconnected. And there are many reasons for the current provider to reject the request for mobile number portability like unpaid bills and many more. And once you have placed the porting request, you will get an SMS within 2-3 working days. If you are facing issues, then do it online to make it easier. 

Below are some basic reasons for the portability rejection. Keep them in mind while creating the request for mobile number portability:

  • Submission of wrong porting code in the Mobile number porting application form. 
  • You need to use the current operator for 90 days before submitting a mobile number portability request.
  • If you failed to pay the pending bills or extra charges, you can do it in the 7 days of the mobile number portability process.

Porting – Is it really necessary? 

Now everyone is facing network issues but sometimes changing your phone number which may be a lucky or favorite for you makes it quite difficult. Nothing to Worry about! Because VoIPTech Solutions gets you an amazing mobile number porting offer. It’s just a great way of getting your trusted network provider without changing that number. There may be many reasons for you to port the number. 

However, below are listed some of the points for easy porting that makes your life easier as well:

  • No need to change the number frequently. Lifetime ownership of the number
  • Choose the provider according to your choice
  • Select the best option from your area
  • You can switch according to your requirements. Prepaid/Postpaid – It’s up to you.
  • Best offers, services, and client support – These things make you decide more clearly due to the competitive field. 

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