Running a call center? Want to check the Mobile number portability status? Do you really want to port your number sitting remotely but do not know how to check the Mobile number portability status? Always remember that switching to any other mobile provider is never a curse if the current is bothering you while connecting. And in that case, you will be really amazed to know that you can easily port from one provider to another by keeping your existing phone number the same. So it is quite easy and quick to check the Mobile number portability status.   

People are madly, deeply, and completely addicted to their mobile phones. But when the connection becomes poor, it really becomes irritated sometimes. But now you can easily change your business phone service provider network from one to another. And the best part is? It does not hamper the connection irrespective of the changed locations as well. 

What Exactly Is Mobile Number Portability?

The process of allowing the customers to continue using their existing phone number after they switch providers is known as Porting a phone number. And the time taken to switch is seven to ten days to port a number and the best part is there is no downtime while switching.  

How Does It Work?

Always remember that the process of porting a number is quite simple, if you choose to keep the existing number while switching the provider, then all the work is being done by the new provider. But the most important thing which you need to sort is to provide the correct required information. Make sure the details on your current phone bills such as the address, payment information, and account details must be the same. And once the account is verified, you will get confirmation to authorize the porting process. 

 Generally, sometimes there are few numbers that can be easily ported within a day itself but at the same time porting international numbers requires a little more time and patience. And when the whole process gets completed, the original number will be terminated along with all its associated services. 

Why One Should Port a Phone Number?

When it comes to running a business, many people keep the same number for years. Because most of the existing customers have already built their trust base who are quite familiar with your existing number and suddenly when you choose to change it might create confusion. And it will be really a time-consuming and costly process if the number is part of your marketing material. However, sometimes a lot of confusion occurs when two same numbers appear among which one is no longer operational which ultimately leads to missed calls and business loss. So to maintain a consistent brand image and high level of customer service, a phone number is really an important element.  

However, to meet the business need along with the budget requirements, number porting allows the customers to use a service provider for sure. Ultimately porting a number always supports fair competition among the providers and the consumer’s choices. Without losing the business number your potential customers who are quite familiar with are free to switch to a new provider which offers a more affordable service in case of any business change. 

Porting Is Painless For Everyone. Just Check.

With this roll-out, we are always excited to explore the benefits of our new experience spread across different industries. VoIPTech Solutions has planned some new approaches to porting. 

Below are a few examples of how the Mobile Number Portability experience can a game-changer for the customers:

  • To port over many numbers in one fell swoop, they allow their customers as the software product owners will be able to seamlessly integrate with VoIPTech porting API. 
  • Instead of managing the project individually, VoIP professionals choosing the bandwidth for their core network capabilities will be also able to coordinate the port dates and multiple carrier times which ultimately separate port requests per losing carrier. 
  • While migrating SIP services to a cloud communication platform, the IT professionals will get relaxed by knowing the easy migration process for enterprises. And in this migration process porting pains are generally the largest hassle and biggest time commitments. With complete ease and predictability, the bandwidth update will give them complete control of the porting process by allowing them to migrate departments, individual offices, or an entire office. 

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