Your Pre Recorded Voice is essential in Voice Broadcasting software. Record your Voice and use it for future reference.


You can reach many customers or clients in Voice Broadcasting single solution setup. Quickly start your campaign without any hardware or software setup. We offer you the best HD quality and Highly secure movement with our Highly advanced Voice Broadcasting software.

What is Voice Broadcasting software?

A Voice Broadcasting software calls all your contact lists and plays a message when they answer the phone. Record a Voice message and Choose to leave the Voice message when your customer comes across an answering phone machine.

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Features and benefits of Voice Broadcasting software

Voice broadcasting is a way to send automated calls to a lot of people at the same time. You can use the call blasting service for alerts, notifications, offers, announcements, surveys, and more. You can also record your customer responses by implementing a simple Interactive Voice response in the call blast.

Voice Broadcasting is also known as Bulk Broadcasting software.


Benefits of Voice Broadcasting software

  • Easy setup

 You can record a Voice and set it for customers when answering the machine calls.

  • No need to present physically

The prerecorded message helps save your agent time, and also, it helps to no need to present any agent physically.


  • Good Customer service

A prerecorded message is always set for unanswered calls. If there is no agent present physically, then it answers automatically.


  • Short time, prominent people.

Voice Broadcasting software helps to reach a large number of customers in a short period.


  • Response time increased

Agents need not be physically present or available 24/7 to provide excellent customer support. Call responses and response times are increased with Voice broadcasting software’s help.


  • Productivity improved

Reaching a large number of people very quickly helps to improve sales and productivity.

Features of Voice Broadcasting software

  • Efficiently run multiple campaigns.

On the user-friendly web portal provided by VoIPTech, manage and keep an eye on numerous Voice broadcasting campaigns at once.

  • Retries for Automated Calls

Plan redials to clients who missed your call to maximize the reach of your campaign.


  • Text-to-Speech

With built-in text-to-speech integration, you may quickly turn your text into an audio message while typing.


  • The prerecorded message is beneficial.

Record and choose which recording audio you want to use on your communication system. Type your Voice, and before going live, check your adio once.


  • Useful for Press- 1 campaigns

The call forwarding facility is excellent in Press-1 campaigns. Reach your customer at you by Press-1 movements.


  • Transcripts message for you

You can use voicemail transcription to allow contacts to press a digit and leave a voicemail for you. Receive the voicemail audio and transcript via email. Get the transcripts of messages left for you.


  • Control Re-dial option for spam numbers

First, You set a time limit for how long a number can go without being answered. If the number is unanswered after that time, your phone will call you to mark the number as spam.


  • Control Call-ID

You can rent phone numbers or use a toll-free number. You can also use our Dynamic caller ID feature to rent local numbers based on the location of the contact.

How many different ways can you use Voice Broadcasting software?

  • Polling campaigns

Regarding large-scale market research surveys, calls have a higher response rate than channels like email or SMS.


  • Customer feedback and reviews

Trigger a call campaign immediately following an event to collect user feedback while it is still fresh in their minds.


  • Announcements and alerts

Schedule a call blast whenever you have job openings, sales, a new product launch or offer, etc.


  • Reminder campaigns

Remind your customers about upcoming payments, appointments, and reservations as efficiently as possible.


  • Education system

Using the power of a call, educate your target audience about your product or a new feature.


  • Plan and rescheduling

Increase working efficiency by obtaining customer confirmation for order delivery or rescheduling via IVR.


  • Job notification and screening

Set up a call campaign with a list of questions based on the position they’ve applied for the campaign. This Voice Broadcasting software is the first level of candidate screening.

What makes our Voice Broadcasting software different from others?


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Features and benefits of Voice Broadcasting software

  • Control the caller Identification
  • Conference call management
  • Campaign facilities
  • Live answer reply
  • Use your Voice

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Voice Broadcasting is the Faster and easy way to reach your customer or client.


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