Businesses run on profit, and the real profit for a business is its customer. Without customers, no business in the world can survive. So responding to their queries positively and providing end-to-end solutions accordingly could help gain customer loyalty and attract new ones as well, which is the best thing a business can do to higher up the revenue generation. And, small call center phone system play a vital role in achieving higher customer satisfaction. Why do you need a small call center phone system

No matter what business you are in, be it finance, IT, communication, or anything else, customer service matters the most. Your response time, problem-solving ability, and approach to handling customer queries can dictate the success or failure of your venture, especially for small-scale industries.  

Most small-scale organizations promise to provide a great customer experience but are frequently run short by miles due to a lack of valuable resources. In the digital age, where customer expectations grow with each passing day, a business certainly can’t afford to lose a huge chunk of profit just because of the overall service experience. No one would better understand the value of customer service than you, who has fought against all the odds & come a long way to establish his/her own company. And, you shouldn’t get carried away by the hype of social media, as the majority of the people still prefer to speak to a call center live agent over the phone and it’s a fact. 

The Call Center Phone System Set-Up:

The fact of the matter is that setting up a Call Center Phone System can cost you a ton, whether you would like to go this way or that way. Big enterprises may have the budget to rent a new office space in a prime location and make it fully operational with live agents. Some of them also prefer to set up Call Center Phone Systems overseas where operational cost is a bit on the lower side. However, none of the options are really ideal for a small-scale organization, having less than 100 employees.

The businesses that need contact center solutions the most:

  • Service providers offering personalized assistance like 24*7 tech support, big law firms, tax consultation offices, firms looking after the accounts, etc.
  • Businesses ranging from small to mid-sized, offering various services like hardware maintenance, landscaping services, or other on-demand on-site services.
  • Electronic products manufacturing companies that provide 24*7 customer support.

Well, organizations ranging from small to mid-sized may not be getting thousands of calls per day but still, require a cost-effective communication solution that empowers them to attend a few hundred callers on a given day. 

What Are Your Options To Set Up A Small Call Center?  

Barring a few big names, you will hardly come across organizations, having their own customer care centers. Why? The cost factor and unavailability of space to set up a contact center in a physical location. Most of the small call center operations are virtual. However, you still have options to choose from. You can opt for:

  • Outsourcing it to a third-party vendor that specializes in providing technical assistance round the clock. This might be a cost-saving option but you need to collaborate with the call center agents to make them understand your general operations. If your offerings need technical prowess, then it won’t be easy for the external agents to resolve customer queries or meet their expectations. 
  • Purchasing a call center phone system with advanced features that can manage the callers efficiently. Such types of phone systems come equipped with out-of-the-box features, making it easy for your support staff to provide a great customer experience. However, they come with a huge price tag and are meant for large enterprises only. Apart from that, you may end up paying for some high-end features that you don’t use or need. So, why pay more?
  • Having a VoIP phone system to empower your call center agents to give a great customer experience 24*7, without spending a ton. This is no doubt a wise move to serve your business needs. It just needs a little thought process and choosing the right plan for your organization. What you need is a high-speed internet connection. It is also inexpensive for organizations that already have a VoIP phone system. With VoIP Phone, you can provide more flexibility to your agents, as they can work from the comfort of their home or any remote locations they would like to.

Every technology has its own sets of pros and cons, but keeping everything in mind, VoIP Phone System is highly recommended for small-scale businesses. Why? It doesn’t cost you that much, is very easy & quick to set up without any technical assistance, gives you more control over your service process – what else do you need? 

Things You Need To Keep In Mind While Setting Up A Small Call Center Phone System:

Setting up a small call center phone system might seem to be a Herculean task, but actually, it is not. See how:

  • Find & Fix Your Business Objectives: Before you give a final node to anything or buy certain equipment, do make sure to find & fix your business objectives. What do you need, the things you can achieve, & the main objectives of your call center? These are the questions you need to ask yourself:

 – Do you want to reduce hold times for

 – Do you want to take your service to the next level

 – Do you want to market your services and products in a better way

 – Do you want to better manage your outbound calling campaigns

 – Do you want to improve the quality of your customer support

By finding your main objectives, you can list out the equipment you need, fix a budget, easily set things, & so on.

  • Make a Budget & Set a Timeline: No matter how small your call center is – it does take time and money. First of all, you need good resources to make your call center solution operational. You certainly need to raise your budget, if you want to set up a call center that can handle both inbound and outbound calls, and that is not the case if you want to handle inbound calls only. There are also several factors that you should keep in mind such as hiring and training new agents, purchasing a new VoIP phone system, buying a VoIP Minutes plan, etc.


  • Equipping With The Right Systems: Apart from resources & finance, there are a few hardware components you need to consider:
  1. VoIPTech Solutions advanced business phone systems would be great for your contact center solution
  2. Integration of CRM solution would help you securely store client data and other important documents
  3. Tools to make internal communication between the employees more easy & collaborative 
  4. Performance monitoring tools to boost productivity and improve service quality
  • Train Your Contact Center Agents: You need to hire new resources for the job right? Well, if this is the case, it can have a huge impact on your budget. Even if you don’t want to hire, you still need to train your current workforce to operate the new phone system and understand the processes from the depth. Like, what should be their response to an inbound call? How the outbound calls should be? Time management, data processing, & all. You have to provide much-needed training in each of the above categories in order to make the best out of your call center solution.
  • Selecting the Right Features & Their Use: Contact centers have a very specific set of features that other departments may not use, and they play a crucial role to operate efficiently. Below listed are some of the features that you should consider while setting up your contact center:
  • IVR: This feature can handle basic queries on its own, giving your agents the much-needed extra time to take on more serious issues.
  • Skills-based Call Routing: This feature can route the calls among the agents based on their skill level or technical prowess with certain products. This way customers can easily get to speak to a person with the right technical knowledge, hence solving their queries without wasting time.
  • Group Inboxes: This feature lets a customer send an email or leave voicemail messages for the team, instead of individuals. So that whoever is free can solve your queries and provide technical assistance.
  • Monitoring & Quality Check Software: Okay, the system setup is done and you are living, but what about the quality? You still need a system in place that can monitor your agents’ performance to ensure your call center provides exceptional customer service. This is a much-needed feature, especially in a time where work from home or remote working is the new norm. An advanced cloud-based monitoring software would give you the real-time data of average hold times for customers, durations of calls, the number of calls handled or made on an hourly basis, and so on. By having these measuring metrics, you can know whether you’re able to achieve your goals or not. 

Now, you must be sure that setting up a small call center does not cost you a fortune and it’s not a that lengthy process. With the right VoIP service provider, technology, and resources, you can take your customer service to the next level without having to spend a ton. You can take a virtual tour to see how your business could benefit from having your own small call center phone systems, contact VoIPTech Solutions today!

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