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Introduction to Wi-Fi

Overview: This manual is intended for those who are not familiar wit0h wireless networking

  •       What is Wi-Fi
  •       How to switch on the W-Fi

2.1: Power on

  •       Configuring Wi-Fi Settings

3.1: Set Access Control


4.1: Connect to the host network

4.2: Configure Wireless Network

4.3: Adjust Wi-Fi Coverage

4.4: Wait until the LEDs are lit

4.5: Check Internet Status



  •     Security – Creating a password to protect your Wi-Fi

5.1: Create a new password


  •       SSID Settings

6.1: Specify DHCP Server Settings

  •       Device Settings

7.1: Verify your device settings and click Save

  •       Troubleshooting 
  •       Contact & Support

Understanding the VPN Mechanism:

This document describes an architecture on how QoS-enabled virtual private networks over the Internet can be built and managed.


  •       VPN Mechanism

1.1: VPN Router (Branch Office)

1.2: VPN Router (Corporate Hub)

  •       Basic Components

         2.1: The service can be provided by ISP alone

         2.2: it needs collaboration with other ISPs

  •       Interaction of Components 
  •       VPN Business Scenarios


      4.1: Branch office connection network

        4.2: Business partner/supplier networks

           4.3: Corporate hub connection


  •       Bandwidth Brokers: After receiving the request, the first authentication is done and allocation of available resources to the next domain
  •       License Agreement
  •       Support