Have you ever heard about Voice broadcasting solutions? And Voice broadcasting can really help to achieve business goals? Well, the answer is pretty simple. The technique to send out voice messages to a large number of people at once is nothing but a Voice broadcasting solution. However, to make automated calls to the list of contacts using centralized phone numbers, and once the caller answers the call, the message is played this technique is used. And to conduct surveys, announcements, send reminders, alerts, offers, and feedback, etc call blast is used.

Various Features of Call Blast Software:

  • Text to Speech:  Well, on the call, the text to speech feature can speak out the messages, written text, and conversations. However, to personalize the caller experience by speaking out their names or other details in the automated call this feature can also be used. And this detailed information can be easily fed into the CRM, which is amazingly integrated with the voice broadcast software. Apart from that while sending out the call at the scheduled time the software can pick the details.
  • Call Recording or Tracking: Always keep in mind that as call recording helps in recording the caller’s information, analyzing the performance, and referring the call in case of any dispute between the agent and the caller it is the mandatory feature for call centers. However, even intelligent IVR call blasts can record the response of the customers along with the Voice Broadcast solution which records the calls as well. And to analyze customer feedback, marketing campaigns in case of outbound call blast campaigns call recording can be used in training, and responses are useful. 
  • Interactive Voice Response:  To run intelligent outbound campaigns Voice broadcast software can be integrated with Interactive And you can send their response just by pressing the number on the key Voice Response which is possible only by integrating IVR that allows customers quite well.
    We receive feedback calls that say “Press 1 if you are not satisfied with the solution or press 2 if you are satisfied with the solution provided” just after every customer service call. And with integrated IVR these are automated calls sent by voice broadcast software. In marketing campaigns, offers, confirmation calls, surveys, customer feedback, and lead nurturing, etc integrated IVR has wide applications. 
  • Reports and Analytics: Well, with integrated CRM with call blast software call reports can be monitored easily. Let managers analyze the live campaigns with the advanced reporting features of the software. The calls declined, responses recorded, a number of calls answered and demographics are analyzed quite well.
  • Real-time Call Transfer: To connect to live agents in case of any queries voice broadcast solution also gives flexibility. To choose the option of talking to a live agent IVR gives the option according to which the caller has to input the number indicated by the automated call to speak to the agent.
  • Call Scheduling:  According to the particular time and date Outbound campaigns can be scheduled. And to send the automated call as the software can handle this you don’t have to go to the office on weekends.
  • Missed Call Option and Retarget the Missed Opportunities:  They can still listen to the message by calling back on the same number in case the customer misses the call. And here as there are significantly fewer chances of customers missing the message companies have an advantage. However, voice broadcast software dials the list of missed or rejected numbers again to ensure the message is delivered to targeted customers in case a call is missed or declined.

Some Distinctive Advantages of Voice Broadcasting Solution:

  • Low Cost of Operation: Just to deliver the message, and this can be tiring as well as costly, imagine calling the thousands of numbers individually. As it requires the setting up call center infrastructure, other overhead costs, and the hiring of agents. And just by implementing a simple voice broadcasting solution, all these costs can be minimized. Without any human interference, this solution can quickly call 1000’s numbers in no time.
  • More Effective than SMS Marketing:  Call blasting solution is more effective than SMS because IVR can record the customer messages immediately. Yes, you heard it right. And because of the advanced live reporting available which monitors the number of calls answered, calls declined and responses recorded other reasons companies prefer this solution. 
  • Increased Call Engagement Rate:  Always keep in mind that greeting the customers with personal information such as their name and other details increases the call engagement rate customers love personalization and the ability of voice broadcasting software. And hence improves the lead generation and conversions due to better engagement and the outbound call blasting campaigns generate higher ROI. 
  • Increases Productivity: Well, you would not be that much amazed to know that the employee’s and agents’ productivity has always been the prime time talk of the IT industry. Isn’t it?  And about offers, conducting marketing surveys is tiring and time taking only by calling customers for taking feedback or informing customers.
    But, without any human interference voice broadcasting saves this time by calling thousands of numbers at the time. However, taking monotonous tasks and allowing them to take more challenging tasks saves agents quite well.
  • Run Multiple Campaigns Simultaneously: However, to run multiple campaigns simultaneously this unified communication technology allows businesses. And by using a single dashboard all the running campaigns can be monitored easily. To generate live reports and analyze campaign performance CRM also allows managers. Moreover, with a phone call at a very nominal cost, reaching a larger set of audience voice broadcasting solutions lets you engage your audience. And when compared to other channels such as SMS and email the call has a higher response and engagement rate.
  • Integration: With your existing CRM software, you can easily integrate the call blast solution. However, repetitive tasks are automated, such as filing the lead details, and responses and responses are captured automatically within the CRM which is only possible with CRM integration. Isn’t it great?

Scroll Down To Check The Different Use-Cases of Voice broadcasting Solution:

Well, businesses achieve their goals when simpler tasks are automated and made faster by technology but performing more complex tasks also allows humans to focus on critical thinking.

Using a call blast solution,  below are the list of tasks that can be easily performed:

  • Surveys: With different objectives like identifying the right audience group, taking product feedback, and market research companies and marketing firms conduct surveys. However, conducting surveys is much easier and cheaper with affordable tech and advanced solutions. To collect responses, draw insights, and monitor the feedback recorded the Voice broadcast solution allows it pretty well.
  • Reminders: However, to send out a reminder to the audience or registered email list call blast can be triggered just before the important event or webinar. The message will go to registered mobile numbers just by scheduling the voice message 5 minutes before the event.  And in the event and higher participation increases the chances of generating more leads a reminder just before the event increases the participation. However, for your insurance premium or EMI payment, etc, you can also send reminders as a personalized message.
  • Announcements: Everyone wants to avoid physical meetings, and hence work from home concept is implemented across the globe with the COVID pandemic going hand in hand. However, a voice blast is very useful in case of any announcements companies have to make for employees in this scenario. And whenever there are new job openings in companies recruitment agencies use call blasting solutions.
  • New Product Announcement:  They market it in such a way that it should reach a large number of people whenever companies launch the new product. To put banners on the streets, throw an advertisement on television or hire a call center for cold calling some companies have a budget. However, to the target audience in no time with just a few clicks but bootstrapped and startups can’t afford this expensive shit so they can go with a call blast in which their message will be delivered. In the case of traditional methods, it has an added advantage of reporting and monitoring as well, which seems to be difficult.
  • Operations Efficiency/ Delivery: COVID hitting the markets in recent times. A change in consumers’ mood of preferring online shopping, businesses are experiencing. Due to the fear of people going out and eating food delivery has seen a rise in online delivery in the last 2-3 months. On the delivery updates such as item shipped, dispatched, and rescheduled orders IVR integrated with the Voice blast solution can send out automated voice messages.

However, you don’t have to assume how effective it can be if implemented correctly after reading about voice broadcasting solutions. Announcements, Surveys, feedback, and reminders. What do you say?

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