Can toll-free number still be considered as an antique marketing tool? Why are businesses like call centers still using them? Well, the answer to this question is quite obvious: The flat rate calling plans and no extra charges for distance calling. This is the reason behind the usage of VoIP toll-free number by call centers. Apart from that, VoIP Toll-free number is the most efficient marketing tool that helps in promoting the brand. And if you want to make a profit by enhancing revenue generation and delivering excellent services to the clients, then a VoIP Toll-free number can serve in your best interest.  

We all know that most businesses are trying hard to sustain themselves in the market. As every organization requires an established point of contact for their customers, a VoIP Toll-free number could be a great option.   

Below are the 9 reasons for their Existence and Benefits of VoIP Toll-Free Number:

  • Much Effective for Larger Audience: When it comes to serving the local audience or community, local phone numbers become more important to win their trust. And, your VoIP Service Provider can provide you with a number that is not just an ordinary number, it helps signify the brand name. Apart from that, VoIP toll-free numbers are of various area codes to identify which creates an exceptional image of the brand establishment nationally.   
  • Offering Greater Flexibility: Have you ever thought about what makes toll-free numbers better than a landline numbers? Well, only because of its flexibility that has been customized according to the business demands or needs. And whenever you want your business number to get updated, you can do it easily. Apart from that, there are various distinctive features of Toll-free numbers like, it directs the calls to other numbers, routes the calls to different numbers, or can schedule the call that depends on the time of the call. Ultimately it shows a great sign of improvement in providing a great customer experience every time. 
  • Leadership Enhancement: An international toll-free number will help boost the brand image of businesses of all sizes. And having a vanity number will provide your customers the easiest way to reach out to your services. 
  • Unified In Vanity Numbers: A toll-free vanity number enhances your band’s visibility by providing a unique number to your business. And it becomes easier for the contact centers to reach their potential customers with unique numbers. And in this growing market, adding the local area code is also not always effective. Ultimately these numbers give a brief idea to your customers regarding your services and brands.
  • Great Invitation To Customers: During the past times, the calls made through toll-free numbers were paid calls which were considered as investment plans. However, using this method of paying to hear the customers’ thought process about the services offered is an ultimate hint of investing their money where they can. After all, nothing has changed even now because the business is still charged for each and every outgoing call. Ultimately it creates an image in front of their customers to know their perspective despite the charges.  
  • Easy Memorising: Customers quickly memorize all the toll-free numbers along with the area codes as compared to the local phone numbers. Considering the US market, there are hundreds of local area codes, but toll-free numbers consist of only seven area codes. So it is quite easy to memorize the numbers for the customers. But sometimes the codes are repetitive which helps the customers to remember them and can help them dial wherever required. 
  • Brand Improvement: Generally the vanity number showcases your brand’s service and what it is going to provide to the customers. However, the customers remember the vanity part of your number despite the other digits.  
  • Expand Coverage Area: We know that when an area code is being added to the toll-free number, it becomes more useful. Because a toll-free business number with an area code signifies your brand images which ultimately attracts large audience attention. It also helps in targeting a particular area audience. And you provide your residence with a toll-free number along with the area code, it becomes easier for them to call. 
  • Credibility: A toll-free number is generally associated with an established organization. And if you are a start-up or a small business, then to get your target audience’s attention you have to use a VoIP Phone toll-free number which ultimately makes you a brand image in the market. This will automatically generate confidence in you and drive them to do business with you. 

Here comes the question – why do modern-day businesses need a VoIP toll-free number? Well, go through the above instances discussed, you will definitely get your answers. However, it all depends upon what is your goal and the services you are providing. Although having an international toll-free number for your business might be costly as compared to local phone numbers, it will provide a brand image to your business. 

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