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 What exactly is Hosted IVR?

Hosted IVR (interactive voice response) is a phone menu and routing system that provides callers with interactive responses. It assists businesses in categorizing and sorting through the callers who contact them.

The menu system allows the company to quickly direct callers to the appropriate department and person within that department. Customers will have fewer delays in receiving answers to their questions, which will improve their interaction with the organization. These systems frequently integrate with ACD, or automatic call distribution, which helps callers get the information they need without requiring human intervention.

IVR platforms are simple to integrate with PBX phone systems. It is also compatible with business VoIP systems. This makes it simple for brands to implement, regardless of the technology they use internally. Many IVR applications also provide varying degrees of custom IVR options, allowing each company to use the technology in the way that works best for them.

This system frequently employs speech recognition to allow the caller to interact with the computerized system more naturally. This all contributes to reducing system inefficiencies and providing customers with the information they require with fewer difficulties associated with attempting to connect the caller with the appropriate department. Problems such as transferring people to the wrong department or making mistakes in directing calls are more common in the absence of IVR, which can impact the company’s image.

What Is the working of Hosted IVR?

When callers dial the business’s designated phone number, they are presented with a list of pre-selected options for where they can find the information they require. For example, they may be directed to one option that provides them with store hours and directions, while another option takes them to the returns department.

These options are typically based on the most frequently asked questions and concerns that the company receives. Some options may offer auto-attendant responses, requiring customers to never interact directly with an employee. Others, on the other hand, will transfer the caller to the appropriate agent who can answer their question.

Many IVR systems will also use voice recognition to understand the caller’s requests and questions, allowing customers to interact with the computer in a more human-like fashion. Other, simpler systems will direct customers to enter their responses to the prompted questions by punching numbers on the phone keypad.

When the IVR system receives the caller’s request, it will reroute the users based on the information and calling trees that have been loaded into their system. Because the computerized system guides callers through these processes automatically, it reduces human error and ensures that all callers have easy access to the information they seek.

When it comes to answering calls, businesses can use either text-to-speech or prerecorded messages to communicate with their callers. Text to speech has some advantages, such as a better ability to respond to a variety of unusual situations. Pre Recorded messages, on the other hand, do not have to be managed in terms of running costs. Each brand must consult with its service provider to determine which option is best for them.

A computer-telephony integration system connects a company’s phone system to a computer via a telephony board and software, relying on databases of information that customers can access, such as account balances or scheduled movie times. Businesses can buy all of the software and hardware required to run the IVR in-house, or they can use a hosting service that provides technical support and will assist the business in setting up and using the IVR system. If problems arise, they will also assist in resolving them.

Advantages of Hosted IVR

  • Save More by Learning More.

Gathering information about your customer base is critical to your company’s success. The benefit of having your customers interact with a computer before speaking with a live agent is that computers are designed to collect, process, and store large amounts of data. The information gathered by your IVR about caller inquiries is not only useful for your overall business strategy but can also be used to continuously improve your IVR setup.

IVR systems supplement market research while lowering costs by eliminating the need to hire additional agents. IVRs also reduce call handling time.

times, resulting in even more money saved.

  • Reduce Communication Mistakes

Errors are reduced by using a computerized system that automatically directs callers to the department or person who can best address their concerns. A well-designed IVR call flow reduces frustration.

Companies will not have to be concerned about human error in manual call transfers. This helps to alleviate customer frustration and creates a more favorable impression.

  • Call efficient transfer

With the automation of transferring calls to the appropriate agent or department, directing callers to the appropriate line occurs more seamlessly and quickly than when completed by human operators. Call priority queuing also allows you to direct important callers to the front of the line. This reduces customer wait time and, as a result, improves their experience and impression of the company.

  • Productivity of Employees

Brands will no longer have to waste time using trained employees to answer routine calls that could be addressed with a recording with the IVR system. These computerized systems eliminate the need for paid employees to handle questions like business hours or addresses.

Ensure that customers receive immediate attention 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

IVR systems can operate seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. This means that regardless of when they call, customers can get answers to basic questions or be directed to the appropriate voice mailbox.

  • Examine Call Data

Hosted IVR systems also make it simple to collect data about your callers and better understand their interactions. You can see how callers were routed through the system and how many calls were answered or missed by employees in each department. Call recording features also assist employers in better understanding the customer service calls they receive and even gather information about where customers are calling from.

Call recording data assists businesses in developing more effective marketing campaigns and improving the level of service provided to customers.

Is Hosted IVR Necessary for My Business?

Consider your answers to these three questions to determine whether your business needs to invest in an IVR.

Is your business in need of a better system to manage call flow?

If your company is having difficulty managing incoming calls effectively and efficiently, an IVR may be required. If your employees are regularly wasting time answering mundane phone calls when they could be completing tasks that have a greater direct impact on the company’s revenue, self-service may be the solution. Similarly, if employees are swamped with calls regularly and are having difficulty routing potential customers to the appropriate department, a computerized call tree may be an investment the company should consider.

Do you need to improve caller efficiency?

You must also consider your callers’ experience and your level of customer engagement. If your callers frequently struggle to get the answers they require from your employees, an IVR can assist. If callers are frequently transferred between departments and are frustrated by their inability to reach people who can actively help them, having a computerized system that will direct them exactly where they need to go can improve customer service and create a better impression for your brand.

Do you want to boost your company’s professionalism?

If you want to take your business to the next level by increasing your professionalism and the level of service you provide to customers, an IVR system may be the cost-effective solution you’re looking for. With an IVR platform, even small businesses can appear larger and more developed by utilizing multiple lines and mailboxes dedicated to providing customers with a high-quality experience. Rather than having a single employee answer all of the questions that come in, IVR services allow brands to direct callers to the best employee to answer their questions automatically, without human error, providing a significantly more professional first impression.

Choosing an Interactive Voice Response system isn’t always straightforward. Unfortunately, IVRs have a bad reputation due to improper implementation decades ago. That has all changed by 2022.

IVRs have emerged as one of the most effective ways for small businesses to reduce costs, relieve staff burdens, and provide a better customer experience.

Recommendations for Setting up IVR

  • Consider moving your phone system to the cloud.

Make it simple to navigate both internally and externally. If you have an on-premises PBX, consider migrating it to the cloud to gain access to a plethora of new features, such as an IVR.

  • Align your customer satisfaction with the customer journey.

Align your phone system to serve current and prospective customers so that they can reach the appropriate members of your team.

  • Allow callers to speak with a live person

Nothing irritates people more than being stuck in a phone menu. Provide a clear path to a live agent so that your IVR improves the customer experience.

If you’re a business leader, you’re always looking for ways to improve. An IVR improves your brand image in every way while also providing excellent customer service to everyone who interacts with your company.

If you recognize these items on your checklist, implementing an IVR platform would be a significant step toward achieving your business objectives.

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