Call Tag allows users to add a unique call tag to individual numbers to distinguish calls and also increase sales and productivity.

What is a call tag?

Call tags are a system for categorizing calls based on predefined parameters. They are a method of categorizing calls based on business needs so that they can be quickly stored, managed to sort, and evaluated.

Also Call tags enable you to assign a unique tag to each incoming and outgoing call, which helps in categorizing calls. It provides an agent with a quick perception of the type of call.

For example, if a caller contacts customer service about a login password issue, you can add “password reset,” “Forgot password,” or any other label you deem appropriate, allowing you to easily review this call later if important.

outgoing  contact centers typically tag calls as “interested,” “not interested,” “no response,” “invalid number,” or “do not call.” This allows agents to keep a record of which leads are the most compelling and which should be left.

Incoming tagging is a little more complicated. Incoming calls can be tagged based on the following criteria:

The identity of the customer – new customer, priority/VIP customer, reacquired customer, blacklisted customer, and so on.

Calling for a feature request, an order return, technical support, shopping advice, a shipping complaint, and so on.

Customer Mood – Angry, impatient, upset, and so on.

The product line – This includes first-party sales, third-party products, newly launched products, products with known bugs, and so on.

To classify each call, you can assign an unlimited number of tags. These tags may describe what customers say about your product or service and support, or they could serve as reminders of pending internal movement, such as calling a customer back for an appointment or informing them of a follow-up on their request. It’s even possible to pre-set specific tags and add them to calls with a single click. VoIPTech solutions even allow you to add color codes to your tags, making it even easier to retrieve your calls quickly!

VoIPTech makes it simple to manage all of your phone calls. A searchable call tag is a tool available to all VoIPTech call tracking users.

Finding trends is an important part of improving marketing and sales. It is about analyzing data and comprehending large amounts of information. More importantly, it is about quickly honing in and drilling down on relevant data to determine what is working and what isn’t. Then, based on what you’ve learned, make changes.

How does a call tag work?

To be honest, the call tag feature was inspired by social media platforms. The more we understand our conversations, the more we gain from them. Call tags allow you and your team to categorize and organize call recordings in a way that makes sense for you and your team.

Every time you listen to a call, you can personalize it with a tag. Consider tagging to be the ability to label call recordings for later reference.

If the caller was irate about something, you labeled the call ‘angry customer.’ If a customer calls in with a specific customer service problem, you tag the call “customer service problem,” “broken product,” or whatever you want. VoIPTech call tagging titles and categories can be completely customized.

You can assign an infinite number of tags to each call. Tags can be used to describe anything from what a customer said about your product to how well your employee sold it. You can even save specific tags and add them to calls with a single mouse click.

After you’ve tagged a call, you can find it later by performing a quick search. This categorizes previously unorganized information from phone calls. You can organize calls into groups.

After you’ve tagged a call, you can find it later by performing a quick search. This categorizes previously unorganized information from phone calls. You can organize calls into groups.

Marketers can use call tagging to plan remarketing strategies and determine lead quality. Similarly, call tagging enables sales executives and managers to identify common objections and how to overcome them.

Call tagging allows businesses to receive real-time customer feedback. Tagging also organizes real-time customer feedback.

Why use call tags?

  • Organize and identify your calls with ease.

One of the primary benefits of a call tagging system is organization. You can quickly categorize your calls based on your needs by creating a predefined list of call tags. This allows you to easily find and sort the calls handled by your teams, allowing you to analyze them and implement new internal processes as needed.

  • Create Reliable Win-Back Strategies

Another usage for call tagging is to examine data for internal processes or call-handling issues. Understanding why a caller did not convert the first time can assist you in determining how to win your caller back.

  • Increase the number of qualified leads.

Call tags also allow you to track how many calls come in from potential clients on a daily, weekly, and/or monthly basis. Similarly, they aid in determining what some common reasons for refusal are and how to overcome them.

Having phone numbers dedicated to marketing campaigns will allow you to identify calls originating from these campaigns and gain a better understanding of their effectiveness. All associated calls can then be assigned a specific call tag, allowing you to see where the leads are coming from. This way, you’ll have an overview of tagged calls that aren’t converting to sales, which you can then analyze to identify barriers.

  • Identify sales barriers.

Each call that does not result in a sale should be labeled with the reason for the failure. For instance, if the lead objected to the price of your product or service, you could use a tag that says “high cost”.” And if a lead informs you that your product or service lacks a specific feature that they require, mark it with the tag “missing feature”.”

Features of Call Tagging


Ensure that calls are answered appropriately.


Easily determine the source of incoming calls.


Add a tag to differentiate incoming calls for different departments, companies, functions, and so on.


Run a report to see the popularity of a tag to determine the success of a marketing campaign.


Manage Custom Call Tagging in your Admin Portal quickly and easily.


Phone numbers, extensions, Virtual Receptionists, Call Groups, and Call Queues can all be tagged.

Why the Only US

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