With Voice Broadcasting software, you may record, schedule, and blast voice messages to a specified audience in bulk.

What is Voice Broadcasting Software?

Voice broadcasting software: The process of distributing pre-recorded voice messages to your audience. VoIPTech interactive voice broadcasting platform is built on cutting-edge technology and can handle large amounts of traffic. We’re dedicated to providing the customer’s requirements with real-time outcomes as a dependable and convenient voice broadcasting solution supplier in India. Take a look at the wonders of voice transmission.

Voice transmission is the transmission of voice over a medium.

Voice broadcasting is a kind of mass communication that allows you to make automated phone calls to a huge number of individuals all at once. Call blasting can be used for a variety of purposes, including notifications, alerts, offers, promotions, surveys, and more. You may also use a simple IVR in the call blast to record the client’s responses.

Voice broadcasting is a method of communicating with hundreds or thousands of people at the same time. Voice broadcasting is also known as voice blasts or bulk of services.

VoIPTech Voice Broadcasting provides this incredible service of sending digitally recorded messages to massive numbers of phone numbers. To share personalized data, we also offer Pulse Text to Speech programming. Our services are provided to clients in a variety of industries.

With our voice broadcasting frameworks, we can help you convey critical notifications, key updates, and relevant information. Join forces with us to   keep your stakeholders, customers, business partners, and workers up-to-date. Without having to wait for free phone lines, get your message to as many people as possible in the least amount of time!

Instantly send a pre-recorded voice message to a few hundred or thousands of people. It’s difficult to ignore a ringing phone. Send reminders, promotions, and more to customers, employees, voters, and others using our automated voice broadcasting software. Use our voice broadcasting services to provide voice-based OTPs to your customers, with the option to integrate them with any third-party CRM or ERP system.

How does the voice broadcasting software work?

  • Make a voice message recording.
  • Create a list of phone numbers you’d want to call.
  • Set up a Voice Campaign

The system will dial phone numbers and play your pre-recorded voice message automatically.

Voice Broadcasting Services Benefits Startups, Small and Medium Businesses, and Large Enterprises,

  • With an excellent return on investment.

Our voice broadcasting initiatives provide a higher level of personalization and engagement than traditional broadcast advertising. As a result, the return on investment (ROI) is significantly larger.

  • Increased Participation

For a successful campaign, you’ll need a voice API with an easy-to-navigate IVR. Collect useful data and consumer feedback with ease.

  • The platform that runs on the internet

The software is really powerful. Web-based systems will handle the work for you.

  • Personalization

Make an emotional connection with everyone you encounter and motivate them to act.

  • Feedback and surveys

Among other things, it can be used for polls, feedback, urgent communications, and welcome or thank-you cards

  • Creating Leads

It’s the most economical way to generate mature and qualified leads.

  • A Solution on the Cloud

It’s a service that runs on the cloud.

What Are the Benefits of Using Our Voice Broadcasting Software for Your Business?

  • Increase the efficiency of your team.

Outbound audio messages can be used to automate normal tasks such as follow-ups, reminders, and updates. It will increase the production and efficiency of your agents.

  • Measurable

Our web-based panel makes it simple to track your initiatives. And keep track of the details so you can improve your next campaign.

  • Personalization

In different regional languages, it reaches out to a large target audience. Through a user-friendly web panel, audio files can be created, edited, modified, deleted, and reused across multiple campaigns.

  • Fast and convenient.

Voice broadcasting is convenient and quick, allowing your message to be delivered instantly and accurately without the need for an agent.

  • Broad Market Coverage

With only one click, you can connect with thousands of people throughout India. Simply record your message, publish it to our platform, and send it to your contacts whenever you like.

  • Increase the number of leads generated

Voice broadcasting has a high response rate and will assist you in generating more leads for your company.

  • Enhance the Customer Experience

By addressing customers by their first names, you can add a personal touch to your message. They’ll be more likely to act if they have a unique experience.

  • Customer feedback and surveys

Our outbound voice broadcasting service is an excellent approach to soliciting feedback from customers. In addition, you can conduct polls and surveys.

What are the features that VoIPTech solutions provide?

There is no fee for the setup.

There is no need for the installation of any additional software or hardware. The first setup is free of charge.

Based on the Internet

The voice broadcasting solution we offer is entirely web-based. accessible at any time and from any location in India and also worldwide.

Caller ID on the phone

Get a unique voice caller ID or use your phone number as your caller ID.

Plan a Voice Campaign

You’d like to send your campaign at a certain time and date. Simply plan your campaign.


In only a few minutes, you can send a voice message to millions of individuals. Quick and simple.

List of Contacts to Upload

In just a few seconds, you can submit a list of your phone numbers to the panel.

Integration with CRM

Integrate our web panel with your CRM software (easy-to-use API)

Real-Time Report

In real-time, get full reports and an overview of your voice campaigns.

Why only use our VoIPTech solutions?

Clients can make use of VoIPTech Solution’s superior voice broadcasting services, which include an easy-to-create voice broadcast campaign using the setup wizard. The expert takes you step-by-step through the process of creating high-quality broadcast messages. Thanks to a unique interface, campaign setup testing, call recording, and real-time log writing are all possible. Using our interactive cloud-based voice broadcast software, create your audio notification or IVR, then submit a spreadsheet with the phone numbers you want to target. You delegate it to us, and we’ll handle the entire campaign on your behalf.