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VoIPTech solution provides the best VICIdial solution for the call centers
which helps to improve your communication system.

These days, dialers are getting increasingly popular. They’ve become a
must-have for any call center since they help to streamline operations and
align company objectives. Every contact center relies on agent efficiency
and calls center agent productivity. Time is money when it comes to both
customer service and sales. It might be costly to lose agent discussion
time. Contact centers, on the other hand, are equipped and empowered
with the VICIdial predictive dialing solution to make calls at an optimal rate
and at optimal times while automatically filtering out anything that can stifle
productivity, such as answering machines, busy lines, offline numbers, and
disconnected calls. Furthermore, VICIdial filters out ring time, increasing
productivity and reducing lost time spent waiting for calls to ring. As a
result, VICIdial can improve call center efficiency, productivity, sales, and
customer service while lowering operational costs.

What do you mean by VICIdial solution?

VICIdial is an open-source call center application that handles both inbound
and outbound calls. VICIdial is a set of tools that interface with the Asterisk
Open-Source PBX Phone System on a client computer level to enhance
the phone’s and system’s capabilities.
VICIdial software is intended for use with an Asterisk system that includes
Zap(T1/E1/PSTN), IAX, or SIP trunks, as well as SIP/IAX/Zap phones.
VICIdial can dial predictively, in a ratio, or one at a time. VICIdial can also
be used as an ACD for inbound calls, combining inbound and outgoing
calls, or for Closer calls arriving from VICIdial frontiers, as well as allowing
for remote agents with only a phone.

The GUI Client application was built to allow anyone using even a singleline SIP phone to use the more complex features of Asterisk.
We provide consultancy services for Asterisk PBX and VICIdial Predictive
Dialer System configuration for Call Center Voice Processing System for
Inbound/Outbound Calls.
We’ve built up many VICIdial call centers with a large number of seats all
over the world. We have a thorough understanding of the VICIdial and can
make changes as needed.

Benefits of VICIdial

The web-phone functionality, unified agent screen, open-source
technology, and ongoing updates and upgrades are the key advantages of
VICIdial. Take a look at the following benefits:

● Customer service and satisfaction are improved using

It’s no secret that VICIdial plays a big role in customer happiness. You can
call customers at convenient times using VICIdial, and VICIdial increases
the likelihood of offering clients items and services that they might be
interested in. Customer loyalty and satisfaction are increased by phoning
them with the products, services, and solutions they want at the most
convenient times. With the built-in Predictive calling feature, agents may
see who they’re talking to before the call is connected, and greet them by

● Screen for Unified Agents

Users can use the platform’s Unified Agent Screen to handle not only
outbound and inbound calls but also inbound emails and online chats. All of
this can be done from a single dashboard on a single screen. There’s no
need to switch between apps or screens. This speeds up communication
and enhances the client experience.

● The capacity to make phone calls over the internet

VICIdial comes with a web-phone feature. There are no additional setups
required with the software. It’s ready to use.

● Free and Open Source Software

The software is free and open-source. Users can change the way the
system works at the code level and customize it to their preferences. This
means that organizations can tailor their software usage to their individual
needs and operations. Additionally, there is no vendor lock-in policy, which
is a positive. You will never be stuck with a product if the vendor
discontinues support.

● Updates & Improvements

VICIdial is always being developed and updated to include new features.
This is also the case. When a new feature becomes available for one client,
it is automatically made available to all other clients. It’s a present that just
keeps on giving.

● Allow VICIdial to assist you in increasing your sales.

To close more sales, agents need to connect with the right customer.
VICIdial eliminates the guessing by connecting agents with the most likely
customers. Call logging, call recording, callback settings, and other
automated processes are just a few of the features that save time and
allow agents to pursue the best and strongest leads using VICIdial. We’ve
witnessed almost a 200 percent increase in productivity.

VICIdial features

The following are the main characteristics of VICIdial:
● Accessible from any location
VICIdial helps you to dial calls anywhere anyplace at any time.
● Campaign for Automatic Dialing
Its also help in the campaign for automatic dialing.
● Call recording that is automated or scheduled
Call recording is very easy and you can set auto-recording or scheduled
recording as you need.
● Sessions with a mix of people
VICIdial is used for conference calls and videos.
● Transferring a call
Transferring a call is very easy in VICIdial.
● Scheduling of Callbacks
There has a feature which is the schedule of inbound calls and outbound
● Client Relationship Management
Very easy for improving client realtionship experience.

Technical Specifications
Devices Supported

● Web-based
● iOS
● Android

● Desktop

Customer types

● Small business
● Medium business
● Enterprise

Support Types

● Phone
● Online

Why use VICIdial for the call centers?

With over 14,000 installations in over 100 countries, VICIdial is the most
popular open-source call center solution on the planet. VICIdial is THE project
for an open-source call center system. This implies that it is backed and
developed by a large number of knowledgeable and competent individuals.
VICIdial is at the cutting edge of call center solutions and extremely secure
thanks to this reservoir of talent.
The costs are significantly reduced as an open-source call center system.
When compared to a traditional, proprietary call center solution, VICIdial can
save you hundreds of thousands of pounds. We recently saved a Manchesterbased call center over £1 million per year, for example!
VICIdial is also quite customizable. With an open-source VICIdial system,
you get control over your call center’s administration. Do you want to set up
a diverter? You certainly can. Do you want to create a new voicemail
message? You certainly can. Vicidial call center systems are unrivaled in
terms of versatility and power once installed and configured by a

Why choose the VoIPTech solution for VICIdial?

Vicidial is a great product that, except for WebRTC, can rival systems that
cost a lot of money. The open-source community is very supportive, and it
receives frequent quality updates. Please do not hesitate to contact us if
you would like to learn more about Vicidial and what it can accomplish for
you. VoIPTech solutions provide the best VICIdial solution for your call