Heard about Asterisk solutions before? And how Asterisk solutions can be easily integrated with the most popular CRM’s? Well, agents can receive inbound calls or make outbound calls directly on the CRM dashboard once the Asterisk-based call center dialer is integrated with CRM. However, the lead will be automatically fed into the CRM whenever there is an inbound call, outbound, or missed call. 

Moreover, Asterisk is used at many small and large enterprises being an open-source PBX Solutions. Along with that Asterisk is an affordable linux based open-source software solution that is highly powerful for businesses. Last but not least to power up their businesses so many small as well as large organizations all over the world are using Asterisk Solutions. What are you waiting for? 

Various Highlights of Asterisk-based Call Center Solution + ZOHO CRM:

  • Single Platform for Everything: To manage leads and do all the calling operations like calling and terminating the call from the same dashboard, Asterisk-based call center software allows the agents. With the help of an Asterisk-based call center, the software is extremely easy for agents to work on the ZOHO interface. Hence it provides an error-free seamless and smooth experience to agents that also rules out the possibilities of error while toggling between different tabs for lead registration and calling.
  • Call Tracking is Easy:  With just a single click along with a bunch of features such as call recording, call conferencing, mute and all these features can be accessed as an asterisk-based call center solution comes. Apart from that agents also get callback and call scheduling options. At the scheduled time, outgoing and incoming call popup agents also get the notification for call reminders. However, on the same ZOHO CRM dashboard and write notes regarding the call agents can also dispose of call descriptions.
  • Customized dashboards & reports to pace up the Work:  To improve the agent’s productivity dashboards are designed to keep the agent experience in mind and reports are customized. Other agents based reports are also generated like agents call duration, call timing, reports provide data on call statistics like success rate, drop rate, and on a single dashboard, all the reports can be seen. According to business requirements, dashboards can also be customized.
  • Click to Call Feature: Asterisk-based call center software provides a unique feature which is a Click to call. Agents can start the call just by clicking the single button on the ZOHO dashboard by using this feature. On outbound calls, this feature can help you in saving costs.
  • Missed Call Notification:  Have you ever thought about what if a call from potential lead lands at your call center and that is missed by your agent? And would you like to miss a potential lead like this? You don’t need to worry about missing on such potential leads as inbound calls have more converting potential with Asterisk-based call center software. On the dashboard so that none of the lead is missed agents will receive the notification of missed calls.
  • Pop Up Notification:  To miss out on calls sometimes and other important notifications which the agents mostly tend. For pop-up from where all the attended calls and missed calls can be added automatically to the CRM, Asterisk-based call center and ZOHO CRM interface have an option. Due to excess work on their heads, this feature ensures that agents don’t miss out on even a single lead. To get the maximum output they can always check their CRM and retarget missed leads.

Distinctive Benefits of Asterisk Solutions in Business:

  • Open Source and Free:  It is free and open-source which is one of the major benefits of Asterisk Solutions. To power your work as per your business requirements and use the asterisk solutions functionality along with newly added features open-source means its code is available hence you can modify and customize this PBX Solution. However, it reduces the communication cost within the company drastically as Asterisk Solution is open source and free. And if you would have to develop it from scratch Asterisk Solution is very affordable and saves lots of your development cost.

  • Integration with APIs, CRMs, Software:   To increase the functionality of your business, Asterisk Solutions also provides many APIs which can be integrated with any third-party software. And with any internal or external CRMs, Software or applications you can easily integrate your Asterisk Solution.

  • Cheap Audio and Video Conferencing:  To communicate and discuss their daily operation, companies all over the world need some ways for Audio and Video conferencing. And you can remotely access all of your offices in the network by using Asterisk Solution. Hence as compared to other similar commercial solutions by using Asterisk Solutions you can use the feature of conference calling at a very cheap rate.
  • Fortune 500 features at fraction of the cost:  To help the businesses and organizations look like professional fortune 500 companies, Asterisk Solutions provided by VoIPTech has many basic and advanced features. Apart from that some of the advanced features which we provide with Asterisk Solutions are Call Queuing, IVR, VoiceMail to Email, Call Forwarding, Auto Attendant, Music on Hold, etc. However, a professional look will emerge for your small or large business. 
  • Full 24*7 Technical Support:  VoIPTech Solutions has a full expert team of Asterisk Developers as well as Asterisk Support professionals. Hence we also provide 24*7 full and live technical support without any interruption and delay at your premises so that all of your queries and issues are resolved on time so that you can run your business along with the required customization and implementation of Asterisk Solution. Hence we provide excellent customer service by giving value to our relationship.

However, we suggest you go for VoIPTechs Asterisk Solution in your business which will enhance your telephony experience and will fulfill your basic and advanced communication needs and also you can customize it as per your business requirements only if you have decided to implement Asterisk Solutions in your business which are the signs of a successful business.

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