Though usually, the process(Number Porting) is much quicker, moving your existing phone number to a new carrier can take up to four weeks. Isn’t it? The reality is that plenty of important things are happening behind the scenes but thinking that these telecoms companies are dragging their feet is not as simple as that. Well, in that case, number Portability is the vital choice to avoid confusing or losing customers and employees. So it’s very much important to have a good network as people are badly into their mobile networks.

Porting a Number:

Well, you first need to look at the process of getting your telephone number moved from one carrier to another in order to fully answer the question, “How long does it take to port a number?”. For telephone services to allow customers to move their numbers to other providers, there are national regulations in many countries that make it mandatory. However, enforcing the rules is not always easy.

To let customers go and try to make the process as difficult as possible some telephone carriers and VoIP services are reluctant. And some companies might decide that the inconvenience is just not worth the move for businesses, a long lead time in porting a number could make the task damaging to the profitability.
The move should be instant at the moment when the number switches to a different carrier. It is a good idea to check whether your current contract includes termination penalties before you get started.

A Timely Transfer:

Within a period of seven days, if all goes well, your number will be moved to your chosen new carrier. While the transfer process takes place, whoever might insist that you take a new number to use will first have to open an account with your new provider. Instead of using that number, you can carry on using your regular telephone number with your old carrier. Since the new company is in charge of managing the transfer process you should receive an email detailing your transfer order from your new provider. Informing your current carrier by yourself is not needed at all. To terminate your contract until the changeover occurs it’s also better to wait to tell your present carrier that you wish. And the move does not occur before your planned termination date if any problems in the transfer process might mean the same.
Having its own service standards the process of porting a number involves several companies. Still, in the first email that you receive your new carrier should be able to give you an estimate of the transfer date.
Just contact your new provider again if you don’t receive an email within 24 hours of your request to port your number. Then you have already lost a day if they haven’t initiated the task.

Rejection of Number Port

Well, why your port request may get rejected there are a few reasons.
If the transfer form is not filled in correctly which is the first possibility. An excuse not to release your number is not allowed as a single spelling mistake can give your existing carrier. And you likely won’t face delays because of incorrect account information on the request if you give the new carrier a copy of your current phone bill and they copy down all the information correctly onto the transfer form.

However, you won’t be able to take the entire number because the area code will change if you’re moving to a different location with a different area code. The port of your old number will be possible, no matter where in the world you move only if you switch to a VoIP carrier. You are actually requesting a new number if you want the same number but in a different area code.

Simple and Complex Number Porting:

Usually, telecoms providers classify services as “complex” and “simple”. Such as video conferencing, ringing groups, call forwarding, and many more a complex service has a lot of extras on the account. To port, complex numbers may take longer. To simplify your account and strip off all extra services in order to make your number transfer take less time before you request to port it to another carrier. If you got it through a special deal is also another issue that could make your number complex. However, by upgrading your account to a deal that does not have that condition in it you might be able to get around the transfer ban. To get around the ban you might also be able to pay a fine. You probably won’t be able to port your number to a new network if none of these options are possible.

If you have an internet service associated with the number which is another reason for a transfer block. If you gave your number when you signed up for the internet, they may be using that as an identifier for your broadband service you might not realize this is the case.
If you’re in a minimum-term contract, one more block you’ll need to look out for.

Successfully Port Your Number

Though some have very strong policies discouraging account termination, some providers don’t take a customer defection personally. It might also be more challenging than you expect as you might have a good experience porting your number.
So just be prepared for the porting process to take a lot longer if your new company is slow and your current provider is reluctant.

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