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Get a toll-free number provider in India by VoIPTech solutions and improve your brand identity and improve customer relations.

What is a toll-free number?

The number which is free of cost or no cost for your customers to contact your agencies and employees is called a toll-free number. The toll-free provider is also known as the toll-free number provider. The toll-free number is also known as a free phone number. A toll-free number, sometimes known as a freephone number, is charged for all incoming calls rather than the originating telephone subscriber. A call from a landline to a toll-free number is free for the calling party. We are the VoIPtech solutions is the toll-free number provided in all the firms who provided toll-free number.

A toll-free number not only allows your consumers to reach you for free, but it also allows you to take calls from anywhere. Our custom call forwarding service allows you to route calls to any destination in the world and even set up a chain of reroutes so that if the first number doesn’t answer, the call can be forwarded to another. You’ll never again miss a crucial call! Voicemail to email, fax to email, IVR, custom greetings, time/day schedule, call forwarding, and real-time reporting are all included with our toll-free numbers, offering you advanced call management options and allowing you to customize your toll-free number to your company needs.

Advantages of a toll-free numbers

  • Boost Lead Conversions

Toll-free numbers generate higher call volumes, resulting in higher lead conversion rates for businesses.

  • Increase the recall value of your brand

Customers can easily remember 1800 toll-free numbers, allowing them to participate in multi-touchpoint campaigns with ease.

  • Develop New Markets for Business

Premium toll-free numbers allow you to reach out to customers across the country without having to invest in on-site equipment.

  • Marketing Campaigns are being monitored.

Continually monitor the efficacy of marketing campaigns. Toll-free numbers can be used to quickly collect client feedback and surveys.

  • 24*7 service available 

Make yourself available to your customers even after business hours with toll-free business lines.

  • Improved brand recognition

Customers may readily associate a toll-free phone number with your brand because it is easy to recall. Furthermore, by providing toll-free customer assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, your company will be seen as caring and client-centric.

  • Improved customer experience

Customers can call you for free if you have an 1800 business toll-free number. You may also improve your customers’ experience by using a smart IVR. They will be more likely to stay with your company in the long run if you do it this way.

  • Any firm must strive to improve customer satisfaction.

When customers contact you, there are no out-of-pocket fees, giving them more options for getting their concerns addressed and problems fixed.

Features of a toll-free numbers

  • IVR with many levels

Users can construct a comprehensive and powerful call flow with more menu selections using multi-level IVR. You have complete control over your IVR flow. 

  • Webhooks

Webhooks assist in the retrieval of data and the execution of numerous activities. Webhooks can be integrated into your current workflow.

  • Report by Agent Wise

The reporting in the VoIPTech dashboard can be customized. You can view any agent’s call report using custom reporting. Keep an eye on the results.

  • Sticky agent

Is your call getting disconnected when you’re on the phone with an agent? When you redial, Sticky Agent will connect you with the same agent.

  • Integration with CRM

Integrate your CRM software with the Sarv app to provide a single interface for accessing your customers’ information.

  • Calls are recorded.

This function enables you to record incoming calls for future reference. These recorded calls can be managed and deleted at any time.

  • Converting Text to Speech

Simply input the text and convert it to a voice recording, and you’re ready to go.

  • Modules with lots of power

The announcement, DTMF, Webhook, Call transfer, Ringtone, and TTS are just a few of the powerful modules that can be used to build a clever and intelligent system.

How do you get a toll-free number provider in India?

Toll-Free numbers in India are unique numbers with a four-digit prefix code (generally 1800) that customers can dial from their smartphones or phone lines. Users do not incur any charges when calling a toll-free number. Toll-free numbers are especially popular with customer service teams, and they’ve earned the reputation of being the “go-to” number for engaging with customers and resolving any issues.

Toll-free numbers provide a slew of advantages, which we’ll go over in detail below. They’re communication lines that don’t care where you are. That is to say, your Toll-Free number in India will treat the entire country as ‘Local’ geography, making it extremely simple for consumers to contact your company.

How are toll-free numbers beneficial for you and your business and call centers?

  • Improved Brand Presence 

Your company will have a global footprint with a toll-free number. Customers can call you at any time using this number. Extend your horizons.

  • Customer satisfaction should be improved.

A customer can call your company for free using an 1800 number. It’s straightforward to remember. This number is simple to remember.

  • Promotional Campaign

Incorporate your 1800 toll-free number into a marketing campaign or commercial. You may track and monitor the call, as well as analyze the campaign’s success. 

Why choose VoIPTech solutions for toll-free numbers in India?

VoIPTech solution‘s toll-free number provides good call quality. Our multi-carrier system runs through a variety of networks for each inbound call to find the best connection, ensuring crystal clear call quality every time. Furthermore, our straightforward, clear pricing structure applies to all of our local and toll-free numbers. We believe that having control over your outgoings is important, so we don’t lock you into any long-term contracts or commitments; instead, you only pay for the call forwarding minutes you use. The VoIPTech solution is the best toll-free number provider in India and also worldwide.