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If you would like to visit abroad, what do you need? Of course, you need a passport first, right? That is exactly what our phones have become these days. They are the new age online passports and the first line of defense for any kind of verification. But with everything going online, cases of fraudulent activities are also around. You need to deploy solutions to stop these activities. Buying a legitimate VoIP Phone Number for OTP Verification is the ultimate solution. Let’s know more about these VoIP Phone Number for OTP Verification.

Two Factor Authentication which is otherwise known as Two Factor is a common mode of user verification these days and OTP is very familiar among all the users. Businesses are developing apps that send OTP to users’ phone numbers for verification purposes and automatically filling them. This not only saves time but also lessens the manual work – if the legitimate user receives the code in his/her device why would he/she need to put it manually? Users also find it easy to do verification which creates a good impression in their minds about your brand.

But chances are there that the code received in the device may not blog to the legitimate user, in that case, what needs to be done? Don’t you think that it is the failure of your entire multi-factor authentication? Having multiple virtual and SIM cards is pretty easy these days. And, this could possess a serious threat to the business & its authenticity.

Why need a Phone Number for OTP Verification?

According to recent studies conducted, if you add a recovery phone number to your account then you can successfully block the automated bots, harmful phishing attacks, and other targeted attacks. Do you have a proper system in place to prevent such things from happening? In short, you would like to make sure that your account remains safe, avoiding any kind of conflicts in the future.

Earlier people used to remember the phone numbers, now the phone is identifying the people, taking it on a lighter note the influence of mobile phones has increasingly seen as being the powerful identifying tool. Be it through OTP code generation or via call or using apps. Whether they are using online banking, shopping from a site, or anything that involves online security confirmation, OTP is a must, and the rightful sim owner has the authority to do it.

  • Disposable Phone Number Services: Number verification has become the 1st line of defense to ensure the legitimacy of individual users, whether they want to open an account or to create a profile. But the thing is, what if the person doesn’t own a mobile phone or may not like to reveal his/her real number? And, chances are their people using fake IDs to impersonate and there might be serious cases of identity theft. Checking online for the authentication of the numbers would be an ideal way to go.

After receiving SMS confirmation from your end and the secure online services will let you go for the account creation within a few seconds. Users can use the non-official phone numbers assigned by these service providers for the same purpose. And, it is really reasonable.

  • VoIP Numbers: Some users do not like to expose their smartphone IP and that is the reason why they may not prefer to receive any kind of confirmation SMS from the numbers they are not familiar with. numbers? In these scenarios, you can take the help of disposable mobile phones that are generally used in drug trading. How does it benefit? The main objective of these phones is to protect your real number. The ideal way to go is with VOIP numbers. They are legitimate and secure for SMS. Perfect for users to create multiple accounts without exposing your numbers to the online frauds.
  • Virtual Number: The worst thing about the present scenario is an increase in fraudulent activities using the real phone number obtained from the phone verification. So, any type of transaction made using these numbers is subject to risk. Because the fraudsters will have all the control over those numbers. They are not related to the financial transactions only, as these numbers might have linked to their social media accounts and other stuff. So, it would be ideal not to risk them. What you can do instead is, buy virtual numbers. They are completely safe and can be used for a variety of purposes. 

How do get these Phone Number for OTP Verification?

Having virtual is easy these days. First of all, you need to choose a reputed service provider in India to get these numbers. You can set some parameters by telling them your business requirements. What next? Just follow these simple steps:

  • You need to log in to your VoIP service providers website:
  • Go to the list and click on the country of origin and select the number
  • You can use that number wherever you want for verification purpose
  • The next thing is verification through SMS. You will now receive an OTP. The process may take few seconds
  • What is next – Use the OTP received to verify your account

Well, many many congratulations to you! Now, you have a temporary mobile number that you can use to verify your account without revealing your personal number. The messages are valid for 24 hours only, after that they will be discarded. Your service provider will give you new numbers or refresh them after every month ends. 

Are you an online agency or any shopping site, looking for VoIP Providers that can provide you with a Phone Number for OTP Verification? You couldn’t have a better choice than VoIPTech Solutions. You can easily buy legitimate virtual numbers online for a fraction of the price you generally spend for SMS verification. For further queries, please speak to us at: +91-7008220621.