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Improved your customer support of your business by taking the help of a sticky agent, Ensures that your callers are always connected to a sticky agent.

The Sticky agent allows customers to connect automatically with the same agent with whom they had the conversation before or in contact. It saves the time of explaining the same question again and again with a different agent which reduces lead mishandling. The sticky agent can be configured by the priority type or fixed type model for communication between the sticky agent and the customers.

The sticky agent feature ensures that every time a customer calls back again and again for more queries to solve. This feature is a high priority for customer relationship management. When the customer calls again and again to the agent then the sticky agent ensures the call is connected to the same agent who is already aware of their concerns. The benefit of adding a sticky agent is that whenever your customer calls you there is no need to repeat the same queries again and again. There are 2 types of sticky agents available for your business one is a Basic or strictly bind sticky agent that initiates calls only to an assigned user who has already interacted with the same customer before. If the agent fails to attend the call, it gets disconnected. and the second is an advanced sticky agent or a loosely bound sticky agent, the customer calls could be transferred to another agent, if the assigned agent is not able to attend the call. Assigning agents is very easy but Before assigning sticky agents, you will need to Decide When You Want This Feature to Be Enabled. All your calls need not be diverted to Sticky Agents; it looks like a normal call. You can enable your Sticky Agents for Calls from a particular source, Specific skill groups, Specific call types, etc. whenever your customers call more than once, they are not required to explain the same query or problem again. These decrease call wraps uptime, and talking time and increase customer satisfaction. We can use this amazing solution like the toll-free number in some cases such as customer relationship management is a high priority.

VoIPTech solutions sticky agent provides a better customer experience management. The Sticky agent of VoIPTech solutions enhances your customer calls by:

  • Minimum time on hold during calls: Generally, the call centers are busy with a bunch of calls and that is why each customer has to wait for 20 seconds to 15 minutes, in some cases, to connect with an agent. You can see they have already waited a quite long period of time. Now, when they get connected with the agent, often, an agent puts the customer on hold to check the information and to get the solution. This builds up the frustration level in the customer. The sticky agent feature reduces or decreases the call hold time. Sticky agents help to handle The same agent and the same customer so that’s why he is often aware of the case history and knows more than what is written in the disposition. Thus, he can quickly answer the queries of the customer without much call hold or call transfer.
  • Customers don’t have to repeat the same question or query again and again: Sometimes, some customers face the same issue due for various reasons. One of the most common ones is the lack of knowledge of an agent. Sometimes, it happens that some queries can not get resolved within the first call. Generally, the agent calls back or sends an acknowledgment once the customer’s problem is resolved. However, some customers are impatient and they call multiple times to take into consideration following up with the agent. In any other traditional call or real-time call routing method, the customer gets connected with a different agent each time he calls and that is why he has to repeat himself every time. so This increases the frustration level of the customer. On the other hand, a sticky agent will route the call to the same agent. so the customer doesn’t need to repeat himself all the time at the time of the call.
  • The Query or problem gets solved easily.
  • This leads to faster point resolution: Every caller to your customer support or sales center has a different problem or requirement. The agent has spoken with the background where they know all queries related to solutions of every customer and it is faster for them to handle the call.
  • Efficient call flow management: call management is very easy.
  • Improve conversation rates: If the leads/prospects speak to the same agent during a sale, the sale becomes easier and all interactions with the team happen via the agent. The agents build trust and improve conversion rates.
  • Provide consistency: When the same agent speaks to the customer, they are responsible for that customer’s queries and problems and they are more liable to meet their commitments.

The sticky agent helps for customer-agent relationship in a business

WHY VoIPTech solutions


VoIPTech Solutions is a leading sticky agent service known for its cost-savvy solutions which help businesses to prosper in a competitive era. Established in 2017, we’ve over the years been recognized as a category ‘A’ VoIP Service supplier, providing end-to-end IP-based solutions on numerous technology platforms. We work with a group of passionate designers, developers, engineers, and support staff who perform their tasks by prioritizing customer satisfaction. We are always available for you when you need our help. Whether it’s late on a Sunday night, or early on a Monday morning, you can speak with a real VoIPTech Employee in our offices who is eagerly awaiting the chance to help you in 24*7 hours.

There are many benefits of using the sticky agent and its features available in advanced contact center solutions. This type of toll-free number software offers many more features to benefit businesses.

Sticky agent, indeed, is an amazing feature to empower businesses, so they can deliver an augmented customer experience and boost performance. Using it in the business can bring in better returns.