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It is nearly about 40 years, we have been using the Internet by logging in to computers and other smart devices. The smart devices also include smartphones that require a unique IP address obtained from the DND (Domain Name System). Why is a unique IP address required? It helps differentiate one device from another one when the communications happen to take place. However, there were limitations when it comes to holding IP addresses. There comes the IPv6(Internet Protocol Version 6) and everything just changed. Why is IPv6(Internet Protocol Version 6) a must?

What is Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) so important?

IPv6 is the latest addition to the Internet Protocol created by the authorized IETF in the market and has the most advanced features as well. Networks follow certain protocols and are assigned specific IP addresses. This way the data packets reach the destination from their starting point and this happens through routing.

With the introduction of the IPv6 protocol, the problem of allocating new addresses has been solved and networks are not limited to numbers. The network security level has definitely improved and operators are no longer required to do the manual configuration of routers as it is automated. The IP address used by the IPv6 network consists of 128-bit hexadecimal digits, empowering machines to have a maximum number of Internet connections at a time. IPvs can handle about 3.4 x 10^38 number of connections at a time, which is significantly higher than the previous version.  

What’s the basic difference between IPv4 and IPv6?

The limitations of IPv4 made a way for IPv6. The latest version IPv6 offers a number of functionalities that IP addresses can take advantage of as a whole. Let’s take a look at the key areas of improvement:

Speed & Agility: According to recent studies, the speed of both versions is almost the same. However, experts believe that the speed should improve with time. Here, the IPv6 wins the battle due to its advanced functionalities.

Network Security: Being the latest version, IPv6 offers better security over IPv4. Network security is given the highest priority here. IPv6 uses different layers of security protocols to authenticity the suspicious activities and ensures the highest degree of data integrity. On the other hand, IPv4 uses a manual way to do so. IPv6 comes with in-built security encryptions that guarantee better protection.

What are the advantages of using Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)?

With the allocation of a greater number of IP addresses, IPv4 holds less ground when it comes to ease of use and agility. However, the advantage of IPv6 is not limited to this. Here is a list of advantages that an IPv6 offers: 

  • Efficient routing: The routing table sizes are definitely reduced with IPv6. This makes routing more efficient and hierarchical. The efficiency of the routing is definitely improved to a great extent.
  • Better packet processing: The data packet processing sees a huge jump in quality and speed. Thus, users can expect better efficiency. Faster data transmission through the existing networks improves the end-to-end connectivity to a great extent and the errors are detected much prior to commencement.
  • No complexity in network configuration: The IPv6 is automatically configured with a stateless address that allows the host to set up his/her own IP address. In addition to this, the cost of deployment is pretty low when compared to IPv4. 
  • Better mobility: In the case of IPv6, there is no concept of triangular routing. What does that mean? Before it reaches the final destination, the secure network connectivity of IPv6 follows certain IP standards that enable it to launch the signals earlier to the proxy system. This allows the host to freely move around/within various links too without the risk of losing the internet connection with its parent IP address.
  • Directed data flow: The multicasting of various data flows is a reality now with the IPv6, which was not the case earlier with IPv4. What does that mean? The highest number of bandwidth taken by the data packets can be launched to multiple locations simputanelouly.  multiple destinations all at once. IPv6 connectivity will save you network bandwidth overall. 
  • More IP addresses — This is one of the most basic advantages of using IPv6 over IPv4. You will be surprised to know that IPv6 supports more than 4.3 billion addresses at a time, isn’t it? With no limitation to the addresses available, hosts are definitely empowered to leverage all the benefits of complete innovation and better collaboration. 

How VoIP can excel with the help of Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)?

With the rising demand for Business VoIP phone systems, there is a definite concern that the exhaustion of address space is on the cards. The innovation that IPv6 brings to the structure by successfully addressing the issues definitely helps enhance the quality of service in terms of better communication and reach. The latency rate can be brought down to a minimum so that users do not experience the VoIP jitters that generally happen due to the loss of data packets during the network transmission. IPv6 successfully addressed these issues, meeting the customer requirements with a guarantee of superior performance when it comes to handling a large volume of network traffic. 

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