An auto-dialer solution is an outbound dialer or predictive software that
helps businesses automatically dial out a huge set of leads and saves
significant time for your agents. It allows you to connect a customer to a
live agent once the call has been patched up at the customer end. This
leads to high productivity and efficiency. An auto-dialer is a solution used to
automatically dial many numbers from a database. It is configured to leave
messages for people on answering machines, receive recorded responses,
or dial telephone numbers for an operator. Auto-dialers are highly used in
telemarketing and customer support. The main purpose behind auto-dialers
is the ability to detect live human pickup and answering machines. There is
no need for hardware signals when calls are answered by an answering
system, auto-dialers analyze received audio to make predictions.
Regular Personal computers or desktop, laptop computers can also be
turned into auto-dialers using telephony modems. There are special
hardware-producing software programs, which set up functions similar to
an autodialer over a physical telephone line. Free, low-cost, or inexpensive
auto-dialers without modems also run using Voice over Internet Protocol
(VoIP) and the Internet. The traditional benefits of using telephony cards
over modems include detecting the touch tones and call transfer to callers.
Auto Call progress detection, HD quality voice, touch tones, call transfer,
voice mail, and detection of answering machines are generally present in
voice modem auto dialing systems. VoIPTech solution provides the best
auto dialer solutions for the call center.
Auto-dialers are used with mobile, telephones, Tablets, pager networks, or
mobile phones. Once calls are connected, auto-dialers announce verbal
messages or transmit digital data to caller parties.
Features of Auto-Dialer Solutions are
● Contact List filtering
Auto-dialers solutions also carry on your contact list, including
segmentations. If you are using a cloud-based IP system, you can
upload customer contact information from other databases. In
day-to-day life, the way to reach a customer is important for
efficiency, and auto-dialers can take care of that for you.
● Agent skill-based dialing
Language is the communication medium between the customer and
the call center. Parallel predictive dialing where dialing contacts are
matched with an agents’ skill and expertise Example language –
Hindi or English, etc.
● Time zone management
Management of time is very efficient in auto-dialer solutions.
● Call transfer options
If Your job is to qualify or support a customer before they start a
conversation with another person within your business. Either way, if
you need to transfer a call to another device or person, auto-dialers can
do that for you, and it’s the best solution.
● Dial order
It is the feature that ensures Auto Dialer dials out all the phone
numbers that are mapped to contact and increases the Dial
Coverage for a business.
● Speed customization
In autodialer solutions, users can also customize their auto dialer’s
speed based on the needs of their outbound calling campaign.
● Answer machine detection
Answer machine detection ensures a dialer skips the answering
machine. The Call is established only when a live person answers the
call at the other end.
● Message broadcasting
With the broadcast messaging feature, You can send a message to
several of your contacts at once.
● Key campaigns
With the broadcast message system, the conversation or connection
might require action from the person receiving the call. Auto dialers give
the options to the users to offer a menu to their customers depending on
the action they want to take to move forward.
● Auto call answer
Enable active business processes where agents with auto-call-on
status will automatically receive dialer calls and they do not have to
wait for the ringtone, thus it increases the agents’ talk time.
● Call monitoring and recording
When you call a business or call center, have you ever heard a
robot-sounding voice say something about the message being recorded
or monitored for quality assurance? So it is a call monitoring feature,
and it can be extremely helpful for optimizing your outbound calling
● Security
Autodialers implement security measures to keep customer information
and data safe from all unauthorized users, making your customers feel
safe and more willing to trust you.
Benefits of using an autodialer solution for call center
● Increased agent efficiency
● No manual dialing
● Increased productivity with blended campaigns
● Save agent times
● Intelligent lead management
● Keeping data fresh
● Native true caller integration
● Professional and consistent brand
● Accelerate sales and collections
● Higher efficiency
● Real-time visibility
● Revenue increase
How to choose the best Auto Dialer
● Ascending or descending order based dialing
● Randomized auto-dialing
● Multi filter auto-dialing
● Dialing based on last retry time
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● Feedback
● Lead nurture
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