As of now, there is some cut-throat competition in all fields of products and services. But who are the real winners who are selling good quality products and services? Well, in that case, Bulk SMS Marketing can really help out by sending promotional or transactional bulk messages to a set of people for branding or marketing purposes using text messages. Isn’t it cool? However, to boost your business with Bulk SMS Marketing, You can take advantage of customer’s attachment to their mobiles. And it’s very annoying, because when you forget or miss our appointments. 

However, Bulk SMS marketing helps a lot to separate your call center solution from its competitors. And they really want to be specific in case of being alert, due to the hectic life of the customers. 

Future Of SMS marketing –  Does it really exist? 

As data-based messaging apps emerged, the once new technology called SMS was predicted to be outdated in no time. It moved very slowly till it suddenly gained popularity when the SMS emerged just make no mistake. It doesn’t seem to be disappearing any time soon as the SMS has held its ground. 

However, SMS is simple,  neat, concise, and quick which is a few reasons for this. And the SMS trumps all for the simple reason of global reach when it comes to marketing to anyone who holds a mobile handset. And so as ever the future of text messaging is as bright.

SMS Marketing – It’s Past and Future!

Well, the way people use SMS has matured dramatically over the years. Isn’t it? To send short and long messages instantly at no charge per message while data-based apps allow a person, people began to “chat” rather than “message”. SMSes took a hit as companies turned to in-app notifications, with the dawn of smartphones and apps.

But the SMS is relevant and efficient which is the complete reality. However, with anyone at any time globally undoubtedly text messaging is still the basis of communicating. As compared to other mediums of communication the SMS carries very few drawbacks for both businesses and customers. 

SMS Marketing- Does it really work in the future? 

  • Worldwide reach – With active service, SMS requires a mobile phone. An SMS can reach just about anyone. an SMS can reach just about anyone. While billions of people have a mobile phone around the world, only less than 20 percent of them own a smartphone. 
  • Response rates – SMS has over 90% while emails have about a 29% open rate. Having a call to action text is concise carrying only the relevant data. It only takes a few seconds for the customer to read the message when a company informs customers about offers, new products, sales, discounts.
  • Return on investment –  It has been reported that almost close to 50% of responders will make a purchase and a third of consumers will respond to your SMS messages. It becomes fairly clear that the ROI from SMS marketing is much higher than the others when you compare these findings with those for email, voice calls, or instant messaging apps.

For business – SMS Marketing:

  • Avoid Spam – It was estimated that only 10% of SMS marketing was considered to be spam according to the report. A lot of it is marked as spam and goes unread with emails. However, messages should be concise, since the SMS is only 160 characters, to the point, and relevant.  
  • Grab Attention – All our attention spans have been grossly reduced, thanks to the boom on the internet and our ever-growing distractions. However, to grab the customer’s attention and deliver the message using the first few words of the SMS. As the future of SMS marketing lies in your hands, so just be creative.
  • Call For Action – You must always include a ‘call-to-action‘ in the message body in SMS Marketing for business. However, that elicit action could be a link or merely words. You ensure that the reader is hooked and prompted to engage with your communication by adding a CTA.

Beyond the simple SMS:  SMS marketing of the future

However, it works best when used in tandem with other new-age channels but the SMS can no longer be used as a single marketing tool. Being well-strategized and targeted, a good method would be an orchestrated campaign that includes different channels of communication.

Purchase, registration, and the like, offers an extra layer of security that bodes well in the mind of customers by using the SMS to send verification requests, OTPs, or PIN codes during checkout. However, it reduces the risk of cybercrime and combat fraud.

And for consumers and organizations during registration processes, mobile PIN codes and verification requests sent to finalize a financial transaction offer an extra layer of security.

However, data suggests that the SMS is very effective boasting of over 90% open rate rather it might look like using the SMS is like holding on to something old. But being predicted to be the future of communication most of these messages are being opened within the first 3 minutes. To communicate with customers, many businesses get caught up in trying to find new ways. 

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