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So, how’s your sales team working now? Are you getting satisfactory results from the current setup? If not, then this is the right team to equip your team with the Mobile CRM. No matter whether your team is operating on-field or working from home, then having Mobile CRM will pay in their best interest.

What do you mean by Mobile CRM?

It is the mobile version of the CRM software that individuals can use from their smartphones from any part of the world, irrespective of the time, place, and mobile devices. The CRM solution allows you to access real-time data and all the required information about the existing and potential customers ensuring the team performs better with better efficiency. The result? You can introduce the smart culture to team management and ensure faster closing of sales deals.


  • With your sales team powered by the Mobile CRM in their smartphone, they enjoy the highest degree of freedom with the flexibility of having the clients’ data at their fingertips. The benefits do not end here, as your business gets a number of strategic advantages over your competitors. 
  • This is very handy for individuals whose job profile requires frequent onsite visits or travel that force them to stay away from the desk. As they can easily access all the business applications and keep track of the ongoing operations while traveling on the wheels or meeting clients at their desired place.
  • Mobile CRM is a great boost for intra-organizational communication and team collaboration, as they can easily communicate with each other, by sharing important information, secret files, SMS, etc., that eventually shortens the entire process, by saving a lot of valuable time.

How does mobile CRM close more deals for you?


With smartphones having become the new age desktop, netizens expect all the real-time data to be available on their device and easily accessible from any location. According to recent studies, approx. 65% of the total web traffic is coming from mobile accounts only and by next year it will see a huge jump in the percentage.

That’s the reason Mobile CRM has become a must for users to run the business while on the go.

Top benefits include:

  1. Making sales while on the go: 
  • With the Mobile CRM application on their smartphone agents can easily manage the sales prospects and stay in touch with their clients 24/7, 365 days. With salespeople spending most of their hours working from remote areas, equipping them with such a powerful & useful tool will be a great help.
  • They can easily access all the client data no matter where they are, resulting in making smarter moves when it comes to approaching new clients and helps in faster decision making.


  1. Increases sales teams’ productivity: 
  • With Mobile CRM agents can plan their day accordingly, drawing better efficiency out of each sales deal. Features like auto-reminders & timely notifications show the credibility of this application, hardly anyone misses an important meeting, follow up, etc.
  • Agents do not need to look at the desktop each time they need the key takeaways from meetings conducted. As they can make note of the key point of a particular meet and see how many times they need to win their mobile. They may not carry the desktop wherever they go, but the mobile can. They can easily upload documents on quick notice and fulfill clients’ demands in no time.
  • A recent study conducted by a notable technology magazine says that those with Mobile CRM are drawing more sales as compared to those who do not. And, 72% of the businesses already have the application and the numbers will go up in a year or two.


  1. Improves closer percentages and shortens your sales cycle: The application makes the agents’ to be clearer about their approach and they feel more confident by having all the customer info at their fingertips. Customers feel good knowing that they are talking to a knowledgeable person and they start developing confidence that eventually results in faster closing of deals.
  1.   Keep a check on sales performance: You can keep track of the agents’ activities such as; the number of clients meets, regular follow-ups, and the list of activities they are supposed to perform throughout the day. With advanced features like Geotagging and geofencing, you can know their exact location and verify the authenticity of the reports submitted.


  1.   Respond to customers faster and better: Mobile CRM makes customer communications an easy affair, as agents can respond back in no time, leaving no stone unturned to keep them happy and returning. The application gives you an upper hand over your competitors with a faster response.
  1. Improve customer insights: If you think that client database means just their name & contact, then you are running 5 years behind the players in the market. Apart from the above two functionaries, having their social data, annual income, loans, and other things can help develop key insights to plan your next step to approach the clients with a deal that they can’t reject.
  1. Streamline Operations: With agents having access to all the info under one platform with just a swipe, they find it easy to deal with the clients and hopefully turn them into potential buyers. It also encourages them to serve the company for a longer period of time where they feel more secure and work in a supportive environment.
  1. Hassle-free paperwork: Apart from convincing the clients, if you ask agents what they find the most difficult, they will say; the documentation. It is not only a time-consuming process but making a little mistake can break the deal as well. The Mobile CRM application keeps all the important information regarding the documentation in an organized manner, and agents can access them with a single touch. By clicking on the submit button, all the documents can be submitted and this makes the entire procedure a cakewalk for the agents & client’s as well. 


To be mobile & flexible is a part and parcel of their job profile, but with this application, their job becomes easier and it is more result-driven. Organizations that already have realized the fat are already a way ahead of others in terms of earning a massive chunk of profit share and improving their clientele. Experts say that the future of the sales approach will be mobile. So, what are you waiting for! Do you have Mobile CRM? If not yet, then this is the best time to start.

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