Have you ever heard about Wholesale VoIP Services? And how Wholesale VoIP Providers has taken over the traditional wholesale services? Well, the answer is pretty simple. Because we all know that the evolved form of the traditional Wholesale VoIP Service is the Wholesale VoIP services. And out of many issues that plague the traditional wholesale Service, this instant service is fast and clear. Especially for those who want to venture into the Wholesale VoIP business, the IWS service is the best option for small-scale businessmen. 

However, the wholesale VoIP providers rescued from the constant flow of money, any delay in that can affect the business. Therefore, without any delay, the Wholesale VoIP Providers get the payment for their service

 What Exactly is Wholesale VoIP Service? 

Moreover, the Wholesale VoIP Service includes various service providers, wholesale carriers and forms a wide network. And in bulk volume, this part of the VoIP business deals in the termination of VoIP Calls along with the requirement for such a large infrastructure as well as network.

Apart from that  VoIP Route transactions help in dealing with the Wholesale VoIP Business. Besides the transaction include all 3 basic things: Route Buying, Route Selling, and Route exchange.

However, the demand for VoIP Technology has increased dramatically in recent years. And the amount of VoIP Traffic increased as well therefore along with this.

How does VoIP Route work? 

Well, always remember that the VoIP Route is the main part of the Wholesale VoIP Business. And the Wholesale VoIP is wholly based on this component of the VoIP technology.

The data packets travel over the internet just to reach the caller to the recipient. However,  to travel the VoIP routes are the ones that enable these calls. And therefore the routes need to cover a much longer distance only just for a call to an international destination.

Always remember about A-Z VoIP Route which is a commonly used term in wholesale VoIP Business. And for which the VoIP Routes are available that denotes the wide range of the countries.


Instant Wholesale VoIP Service Vs Traditional Wholesale VoIP

Always keep in mind that due to the issues that were prevalent in the traditional Wholesale VoIP Business arises the need for the IWS service. And the primary one was the disruption in cash flow and among its various other issues. 

However, to ensure the smooth functioning of the Wholesale VoIP Termination business regular input of cash is necessary. But to receive the cash the fixed billing cycle creates a long wait period for the businessman which ultimately causes the shortage.


Below are the 5 Ways listed  in which Instant Wholesale is better as compared to Traditional Wholesale VoIP Service:

  • No fixed Billing Cycle:  Always keep in mind that to opt for the Instant Wholesale VoIP Service is the primary and the best reason so far. And in its working, the IWS service is truly instant which is completely free from any delay.  However,  a monthly billing cycle is being strictly followed by Traditional Wholesale. Hence, at the fixed date on all the routes, you sell along with which partial withdrawals are also not possible the culminated amount is available for withdrawal. In this scenario,  for their next route transaction, they face problems with the small-scale businessmen who rely on the payment. Therefore, The lack of money forces them to halt the business. And there is no fixed billing cycle in IWS. To withdraw the payment anytime they want the absence of a fixed billing cycle in Instant Wholesale VoIP gives the businessmen the freedom which leads to no further waiting period. 


  • Instant Payment:  With numerous conditions and restrictions withdrawal of payment in traditional wholesale service is levied.  And the presence of a billing cycle fixes the date for the payment that the businessmen receive which you already know. Also in addition to this, in order to withdraw the payment have to fill lengthy paperwork with the businessmen. And one needs to wait for further processes after its submission. The businessmen receive their money after all the steps and verifications are completed. And the IWS service provides instant payment which is contrary to this. One has to simply put up a request for the same and receive the money in a very short duration to withdraw payment. Although the payment process is fast, it is safe and secure which is necessary to add here. To keep out any fraudulent activities encryptions and proper safety measures are there.


  • Less Interconnection Time:   In every aspect instant VoIP Wholesale is instant. And in the section on interconnection, this is also prevalent. Between 2 or more network providers interconnection in Wholesale VoIP is the connection. The components which help in the interconnection are VoIP Softswitch and VoIP Gateways. And having multiple interconnection agreements with VoIP Service Providers who already have a good standing in the VoIP industry. And the traffic transaction takes place according to these agreements. The lesser the interconnection time, the better it is for successful VoIP Termination. The IWS service offers it in minutes doing away with the prolonged interconnection time. Therefore, by offering a minimum interconnection time of 5 minutes only the specialty of Instant Wholesale Service. 


  • No Complicated Paperwork:  It requires paperwork for every step you work through in the Traditional Wholesale VoIP. Has 2 downsides while filling all the paperwork. However, it is lengthy and therefore is time-consuming as well. And secondly, it is a repetitive process. The IWS service has no requirement for any paperwork in order to make things simple for the user. To consume your valuable time, no complicated procedures, no repetitive activities are required. In the beginning, one-time registration is all that is necessary for this service. Therefore, than the traditional VoIP Wholesale service, the paperless feature of IWS is what makes it a better choice.


  • Fully Automated Process:  For manual processes, the days are over. Now for the automated ones, it is the right time. The IWS service is a fully automated one while Traditional VoIP Wholesale Service calls for manual assistance which means it does not require any manual assistance of any kind. A step further is taken by the automation of the service. As it cuts out any unnecessary delays it is quite faster. To go in the present day the automated process of the Instant wholesale VoIP Service is the way by making all the VoIP Route Transactions easier.

However, the automated process possesses multiple benefits. Some of them are listed below:

  • As compared to the Traditional Wholesale VoIP it is much faster.
  • It simplifies selling,  the Route transaction, all buying, and exchanges.
  • There is a negligible chance of any error as the process is automated.

For all Route transactions, wholesale VoIP service from VoIPTech Solutions offers the Instant Wholesale Service. At Wholesale VoIP business, this service aims to offer a better experience.  

Below are some of the points listed at a glance of the IWS service:

  • The IWS service makes it much easier for small businesses by providing instant payment to deal with the issue of cash shortage.
  • The Route transaction is being speeded up by reduced interconnection time.
  • To save time and keep the business simple the paperless process works great.
  • The IWS service also offers 24X7 support to all its clients along with a dedicated account manager.


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