Seemingly every day, you must be getting calls from unknown numbers, right? That’s the robocall. It’s a sign of frustration that every individual is facing in recent times. Most of them are not even opting to answer these types of calls anymore unless they know the DID or the caller ID displaying a local number. This is not the solution and not even safer. So, what’s the ideal way to go? Thanks to STIR/SHAKEN. So, what does STIR/SHAKEN mean?


They refer to the stringent protocols and quality standards that are applied for authenticating the caller ID. With the help of this technology framework, you can certainly reduce those fraudulent robocalls and illegitimate attempts to phone number spoofing. Coming to the meaning of these two terms; STIR refers to the Secure Telephony Identity Revisited, whereas SHAKEN refers to the Secure Handling of Asserted info using toKENs.

How to differentiate between STIR and SHAKEN?

Have you heard of IETF? If not, then for your kind information it is an internet standards body that controls all the functionalities of the DSC (Digital Signatures) and STIR is a working group that comes under IFTF. It follows a set of protocols for the same and does the verification of all the parties involved in the call. The user can avail all the info about the callers and verify the termination providers by matching their registered digital signatures.

Whereas on the other hand, SHAKEN takes care of all the international standards to be followed to deploy the STIR. It guides the service providers on how to operate with the same & procedures to follow within their networks.

What makes it so vital for an organization? 

According to recent studies, the numbers of robocalls made per month recorded between 2 to 5 billion. The numbers are really surprising, right? Well, you will be amazed to know that more than 40% of those calls come under the fraudulent category. There comes the STIR/SHAKEN – an initiative taken by the international bodies to restore the authenticity of voice communications and win the trust of the users again. The highest standards of safety protocols are in place to keep the fraudsters out of the circle so that scam activities such as; using robocalls to cheat the consumers and loot the businesses can be brought under control or check the process. STIR/SHAKEN ensures only the authentic calls reach the users, not those calls made by robots and other black-hat techniques used like phone number spoofing.

This is also important for all types of VoIP to strictly implement the STIR/SHAKEN in order to make the networks more secure, and validate the caller ID, so that chances of fraudulent can be brought down to a minimum or zero.

How can Indian VoIP Providers help?

With Indian VoIP Providers, you can stay sure that your outbound calls and all the virtual phone numbers are in compliance with STIR/SHAKEN. Your outgoing calls get an “A-level” attestation tag that gives the user on the other side a sense of reliability that you are not a fraud & the number is genuine. Thus, the chances of your calls getting blocked by a terminating carrier are very low or almost zero.

The best part is, you are available with a number of customizable solutions that can help you meet your complex business goals. You can expect an uncompromised quality and greater reach to worldwide audiences that is aligned with the STIR/SHAKEN solutions. You are not limited to this only, as you are authorized to have millions of virtual phone numbers to get your business in the international forum. Now, you can stop worrying about your calls getting blocked, and plan for the next.

The process doesn’t end here as you have a long way to go. All of the available VoIP solutions strictly follow the STIR/SHAKEN protocols, starting from cloud data protection & CRM integration to different software solutions, ensuring the highest network security measures, and keeping a check on the fraudulent activities. With such an enormous crowd using the Internet 24/7, the possibilities of your business data being vulnerable to cybersecurity threats are high. That’s why they are offering different services that come included in the VoIP wholesale plans to help companies improve their bottom line. This comes with a long list of benefits that eventually result in improved data security, check fraudulent activities, & cost saving. 

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