When the business module or entire system is not that big, one can clearly find the best route to different destinations altogether — you can take the inbound calls to a local business as an example, where the IVR system can accomplish the job without any hassle. The callers on the other side do not have to wait, as they get to speak with the concerned person or department that can listen to their queries and provide the necessary assistance. However, when Hunt Groups come to multinational companies that have a global presence, serving a larger audience base with a range of products and services, having control over business administration can be really challenging? How to handle the large volume of inbound calls?

Multinational Companies might have dedicated teams working for individual departments, markets, and sectors, thus the chances of inbound calls getting connected to the right person will be less. No matter how big a brand you are, if customers find it difficult to reach you they simply go away. Nobody wants to wait, as every second matters. Well, why would they wait? If you are paying for a product or to get the service, then why should you wait?

In an ideal business world, a company should have agents to respond to inbound calls, but a combination of both is required in the real world. Here we are talking about tackling the unpredictable activities or call volume spikes with limited human resources. You need to bring down the call abandonment rate to a minimum, ensuring an enhanced customer experience every time.

What is the ideal solution? 

Well, the line hunting, or a hunt group, could be the ideal way to go. This is the part of the call routing or Automated Call Distribution (ACD) system that helps call centers or organizations to give a better customer experience and manage their available resources effectively

How do you define hunt groups?

It is one of the most sought-after and notable features of advanced cloud-based business phone systems that empower callers to be put through to different phone lines. It depends, whether you would like to do it simultaneously, or in a sequence — whichever allows your system to give a faster and the most effective response.

For example, if a customer tries to reach you on your designated line for new business inquiries, you must have a group of individuals taking care of these types of calls, right? The thing is, they can only handle one call at a time, right? Who knows you might miss an opportunity to grab a million-dollar deal on the queue. To avoid such situations and make the most out of the inquiries, you can have a group of salespeople or hunt groups in place that will be taking care of the same. The phones will ring simultaneously, available agents can pick the call and provide assistance.

Different types of hunt groups:

  1. Ring Groups: This group consists of a number of agents, and they are pinged at a time, the person who is free set to respond first.
  2. Sequential Hunt Groups: Figuring out the numbers in sequential order that connect to separate individuals operating from different offices irrespective of their physical location.
  3. Idle Hunt Groups: It firstly rings those extensions that have been last active for a long gap of minutes or hours. This is the ideal way for workload management.
  4. Balanced Call Groups: It refers to allocating the incoming calls on a proportional basis, keeping a balance between the experts & newbies.

How do get the best of these hunt groups? 

The answer is the integration of advanced cloud-based features with your VoIP phone system.

  • IVR Systems: Behind the scenes, your hunt group can take the advantage of Interactive Voice Response system, sorting out the best of user needs and their choice of preferences, 
  • CRM Integration: With CRM integration, teams can optimize complex workflows for effective call handling.

How Hunt groups can shape the future of customer support?

Utilizing the effectiveness of hunt groups and having them as part of your support system is very crucial to ease out your competitors in this highly competitive marketing landscape. If you keep the future scenarios in mind, where customers and support staff could be from different locations, providing support from any device – hunts groups can help you in many ways.

Especially in such a hybrid work environment, the distribution of workload in an intelligent way can serve your best interest. In the battle for survival, hunt groups are the only way to eliminate the call abandonment and improve the satisfaction rate, no matter what the circumstances are.

Who can help you set up hunt groups?

Thanks to the VoIP Providers in India. They offer businesses a lot of benefits, starting from cloud data protection & CRM integration to different software solutions, ensuring the highest network security measures. Operating from home and not being vulnerable to data theft certainly have challenges and difficulties, but with advanced data recovery & protection tools, you can ensure a smooth operation. Most VoIP service providers are offering different services that come included in the VoIP wholesale plans to help Multinational Companies improve their bottom line. This comes with a long list of benefits that eventually results in improved data security & recovery options. The easier option is to hire a reliable Indian VoIP service provider that can provide you fully licensed software tools at wholesale prices. 

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