Well, to make profits every business has one ultimate goal. And focusing on innovative marketing strategies is the only way to thrive in such competitive and saturated markets. However, to boost your revenues Bulk SMS Marketing is one such strategy that will surely help. It is imperative for businesses to be where their customers are on mobile-friendly platforms with smartphone users increased to more than 90% of the population. 

Moreover, for marketers in the arena of Bulk SMS marketing there lies a flood of opportunities. Isn’t it? And there could be a potential revenue loss and you could also end up damaging your brand reputation if you don’t implement it correctly. 

Below are the various mistakes listed you can avoid while designing your bulk SMS marketing campaigns:

  • Not knowing your audience:  Always keep in mind that being aware of your audience and understanding their behavior,  requirements, buying patterns, etc. should be every business leader’s first and foremost priority. And without knowing what your audience connects with you cannot create impactful SMS campaigns.  However, marketers need to consider demographics such as pain points, age, gender, and lifestyle preferences. So to make it more appealing and personalized align your campaign according to the said criterion.  For which it is important that you segment your audience into relevant groups and design effective message templates to be able to do this effectively for each of them.
  • Lack of personal touch:  However, only content matters once the SMS has reached the target audience. Make readers feel special and, at the same time, brief them about your product to make sure that your content should hit the nail on the head.  To include the customer’s name in the text do not forget. And apart from all those, it will be the cherry on top if you combine it with their purchase history. And by ensuring regular check-ins tailored to their needs don’t forget to keep them updated about your latest offers and promotions. 
  • Effective CTA is missing:  Never forget that SMS stands for short message service and, hence, the content should immediately draw the reader’s attention towards the call to action which is the ultimate purpose of the message. However, you can leave your readers feeling uncertain about the next steps that they need to follow and, subsequently,  your brand if you don’t have one. Thus, to ensure that your audience does not miss out always remember to place CTAs strategically. 
  • Wrong timing of SMS:  Always keep in mind that Time is very precious. However, this mantra applies to bulk SMS as well. And if they’re contacted at odd hours customers are highly likely to feel annoyed. 

Below are some points one must keep in mind:

  • During peak hours avoid sending messages when people are preoccupied with other activities.
  • When the customer is already preparing for bed or is asleep, never text too early because before the person has his cup of coffee or too late.
  • During weekends avoid sending messages like that can lead to a high unsubscribe rate.
  • Lack of consent:  Before opt-in and opt-out options to your bulk SMS services make sure to add. Before making them a part of your bulk SMS group, always take consent from your audience. Customers are bound to get annoyed with too many promotional SMSs with so much noise from thousands of brands. As customers will look at your business as inconsiderate this also affects your brand reputation. To take legal action against your brand’s lack of consent or permission can also force them. 
  • Long and convoluted SMS template:  To open and read every text modern-day customers don’t have the time. From the notification bar and clear it right away they usually glance at SMS and other updates. To put your message across and influence them positively without taking up too much of their time a short and smart combination of words in a line should be enough. However, always try to follow the 3C practice for your bulk SMS service— concise, clarity, and call–to–action. 
  • Using colloquial or casual tonality:  It is important for businesses to avoid unprofessional language and abbreviations as these make your brand look overly laidback as every customer will not connect with professional-sounding content. The content should sound neither too professional nor too casual and it should be easy to understand. However, try to use a language free from jargon and acronyms in order to improve your brand’s credibility and reliability.
  • Not being consistent with bulk SMS strategy:  Before you launch your campaign and stick to that pattern, make sure to set an optimal frequency. And to strike a balance should be your aim. However, customers will be confused and will opt-out of your bulk SMS service if you send too many messages in one week and, then, too few in the following week following. And while running bulk SMS service campaigns being annoyingly frequent is also a common mistake made by marketers. In these cases, they will still disregard your texts even if people don’t opt-out making both scenarios risky. Therefore, find the best and most optimal frequency for your business depending on your sector and type of subscribers. 
  • Choosing the wrong bulk SMS provider:  Well, when choosing your technology partners you need to be very careful. And you need to evaluate them on the basis of several aspects such as uptime, cost, delivery rate and backup as markets for bulk SMS are more than saturated. However, before investing your hard-earned money carefully analyze and study online reviews for these service providers. So choose reliable organizations like VoIPTech Solutions for which our customers love us for the delivery rate and after-sales support offered by our experts.

And if one pays close attention to the details these common mistakes can be easily taken care of.  It will help you design the ‘ideal bulk SMS campaign’ by focusing on them.


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