VoIP Technology – How VoIP Technology is Helping Healthcare Sector

//VoIP Technology – How VoIP Technology is Helping Healthcare Sector

VoIP Technology – How VoIP Technology is Helping Healthcare Sector

VoIP (Voice over IP) technology is a methodology that facilities the process of making and receiving calls over the internet. In this digital era, VoIP contributes significantly to building commercial grade communications. VoIP technology can be called as an evolution in the telecommunication industry. It is being used in different fields and sectors including healthcare sector as well. Through this article, we will write some points about how VoIP technology is helping the Health sector.

Let’s distribute the Healthcare sector into three parts:

  1. Traditional Hospitals
  2. Nursing Institutions & Organizations
  3. Senior citizen care bodies

Traditional hospitals

Traditional hospitals are those, where everyone is treated whether its men, women or children. These types of hospitals are especially associated with government organizations or directly with the government.

In these types of hospitals, communication system often becomes a challenge. There are hundreds of staffs and thousands of patients who attend such types of hospitals daily. If it’s a government hospital then people try to communicate through phone lines for any kind of medical prescription or advice.

VoIP technology is not like traditional telephony that requires a number of bulky hardware and their maintenance. VoIP can be deployed anywhere in the world due to the presence of the internet. VoIP will reduce the cost of deploying costly hardware and help hospitals reducing noise pollution.

With wireless VoIP communication system, large hospitals can make sure that their staffs do not miss any emergency call. They can establish their own contact centers to make or receive the calls of patients. Doctors and nurses can also communicate effectively with each other through a VoIP based communication system.

For small businesses, VoIP can drastically reduce their costs and also help them during any kind of natural disaster. Nowadays small hospitals are also using VoIP technology instead of on-premise based telephone systems.

Nursing institutions & organizations

There are hundreds of nursing institutions that you can discover in your nearby areas nowadays. For training sessions especially in medical sector effective and flawless communication system is required. Depending on the traditional telephone system will not only cost money but also it is not secure. In such circumstances, VoIP can be a better alternative for small businesses.

VoIP does not require extra hardware deployment and can easily help nursing institutions. For an organization that wants to keep its private data secure, it must provide VoIP numbers to its employees. For example, most nurses use personal telephones which might not be good for a nursing institute.

Presently with Hosted PBX and IP telephone frameworks, home nursing associations can dole out an augmentation to each medical caretaker and utilize call sending, discover me/tail me and “visual voice message” administrations to send calls to cell phones and log all messages from patients and staff for inspecting and preparing. This training has permitted home nursing associations the capacity to bring together the administration of their versatile nursing staff without stress over losing customers when staff turns over.

Senior citizen care bodies

In contrast to small nursing, senior citizen care presents an alternate test. While employees are settled, offices battle to figure out how to include communication as an “office gave” benefit. The local telephone organization ordinarily gives administration to every inhabitant, charging the occupant specifically.

VoIP technology and SIP have enabled senior citizen care institutions to now give telephone administration to inhabitants as a feature of the administration. A few offices incorporate telephone benefit with the typical cost for basic items, while different offices have gone about as the telephone organization and bill inhabitants specifically for telephone benefit. In either case, senior consideration offices are presently ready to transform what had been out of their control into an esteem include for their occupants and a benefit community for the office.


If we say that VoIP technology has yet to go miles ahead in empowering the entire world, it would not be wrong. There are many countries that don’t allow VoIP gateways like India. But we hope in near future VoIP will become the ultimate way of business communication across the world.

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