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VoIP development is a modern day software development process that intends to build an effective and secure application interface to allow smooth VoIP communication on PCs and mobile devices. Unlike traditional telecommunication technology, VoIP is a fast and smart way for reliable enterprise-grade communication.

What Is VoIP?

For a common individual, VoIP can be defined as making and receiving calls via the internet. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet protocol which is a blend of a group of technologies to deliver voice communications & multimedia sessions.

Difference between VoIP & SIP

SIP or Session Initiation Protocol is an application layer protocol that works to modify VoIP calls. In simple terms, SIP and VoIP are related to each other. Generally call centers use VoIP to make calls over the internet and SIP to modify those calls sessions.

The major difference between VoIP & SIP Trunks is their range. VoIP is a gathering of technologies while SIP is used within the VoIP technology. VoIP sends only voice messages but SIP Trunks allows you to send voice, video and text contents over the internet.

voip development coppany

VoIP Development

We help small businesses getting the right VoIP solution in India. Our VoIP software development program intends to stabilize the Competitive IP Telephony space across the globe. Our offered customized VoIP services for business is used and appreciated by Thousands of enterprises across the globe. Our VoIP development process creates simple and easy UI/UX based applications to help you in complex video chats and web conferencing solutions. We thrive with dedication, innovation and customer’s satisfaction and stand as one of the reliable VoIP service providers in India.

Why Choose VoIPTech

Effective VoIP Development to Provide You Seamless Connectivity through your PC & Mobiles

VoIPTech believes in its hands-on expertise in IP communication world. As a leading VoIP development company, we keep our customers on top while creating any new innovation. Our experienced VoIP developers utilize their knowledge to create solutions that can bring traditional PSTN based telephone services and IP based multimedia communication together.


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