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If you elaborate on the UCaaS solution, it refers to Unified Communications as a Service. Why It Will Be The Fastest Growing Technology In The Market? The technology works as the key factor to establish the infrastructure used by millions all around the globe for voice and messaging communications. Enterprises ranging from small to large scale are the prime users of Unified Communications. If you look at the market share, the UCaaS solutions have found a name among the key players in the field.

The UCaaS subscription holds the highest market share on the global stage. When integrated with the cloud-based phone systems, it becomes more powerful than ever, and on-premises solutions have no answer for this. The flexibility UC solutions offer highly benefits modern-day businesses & its cost-savvy features are hit among thousands.

Know why UCaaS will be the next big thing in the market and how it can benefit your business.

Encoding UCaaS solution?

Have you heard of cloud-based messaging tools? UCaaS is a part of these tools that offer a complete solution for business communications.

The term UCaas is again divided into two parts:

  1. UC (Unified Communications) includes audio calls, chatting apps, online meet tools, screen sharing functionality, and more.
  2. “as a Service” deals with the subscription fee for cloud-based services and software that an organization pays to the service provider.

Together as a whole, UCAS covers a plethora of advanced communication tools required to establish B2B & B2C communication through various channels. It is also a great tool to provide a solid platform to make end-to-end communication. Distributed workforce can take advantage of UCaaS, using smart devices of their choice, be it a desktop computer, laptop, desk phone, and smartphone.

UCaaS Market Share:

America has been the biggest market for UCaaS Solution. Within the native American countries, North America alone is the biggest contributor to its global growth. If you compare the revenue earned and the number of users, it is the #1 destination for the UCaaS market.

Europe, Middle East, and Africa combined hold a good potential for the UCaaS market in terms of both personal and business use. According to recent studies, Eastern Europe is projected to see a 17.8% rise compared to 9.52% in Western Europe by the end of 2021 whereas Sub-Saharan Africa will see a record 16.2% growth. The Middle East and North Africa regions combined will account for a 16.6% growth as well.

Why is the demand for UCaaS is rising day by day in the current marketing landscape?

Thanks to the pandemic, the demand for Unified communications is its career-best. In addition to the Covid factor, there are a few notable shifts in the market dynamics that has been the deciding factor for the rise including:

  • No on-premises hardware cost: The unprecedented shift from VoIP business phones from the traditional phone systems has been one of the biggest reasons for UCaaS growth. According to recent studies, the UCaaS market share will go past $45 billion USD by the end of 2022. Affordable pricing & scalability of the features are two of the main reasons for the huge surge. Hardware costs can be brought down to a minimum or zero with the modernization it offers to a workplace are second to none.
  • Better communication for businesses: For a business to establish communication, there is the need for different tools altogether to serve different purposes. But they don’t integrate well with each other, which is a huge setback for businesses these days that eventually create a trust deficit between a brand and its customers. There comes the UCaaS that consolidates tools from different fields altogether, establishing a shared platform that serves your best interest. 
  • Remote working is the new norm: The work from home concept was there only, but the surge in Covid cases has given it a universal acceptance. So, there is a need for innovative technology that can maintain the output level of the office environment, even better. Thanks to UCaaS, an individual & group can perform the task without the constraints of an on-premise setup. You are available with a number of advanced cloud-based tools that empower staff to provide a good customer experience and manage teams. 

What are the notable features of the UCaaS solution?

Well, you expect more from UCaaS:

  • Using Mobile & desktop softphones to their full potential: This feature allows users to make and take calls with complete ease. With advanced features like call forwarding and DND (Do Not Disturb), one can manage a large volume of calls easily. 
  • WFH (Work From Home) is easy: With the UCaaS solutions, the remote workforce can perform better and yield greater results by availing enhanced voice quality, HD video, and group chat. 
  • E911: With UCaaS, customers can reach you on the virtual numbers with local area code. 
  • Faxing with VoIP Phone Systems: Businesses can send virtual fax using VoIP
  • Video conferencing solutions: Teams can connect and have discussions with video conferencing.
  • Intra-organizational chatting: Teams can converse and get quick replies, instead of one-to-one face-to-face conversion.
  • Find-Me, Follow-Me: Team members can connect with each other, without wasting time. It certainly eliminates redundancy.
  • Better customer management: With CRM integration, you can manage the customer history and deliver better service. 

Keeping the rising demand for viable online customer service, being able to tick all the points has certainly become challenging. UCaaS is the answer to this and can rise to occasions to meet future demands as well. UCaaS will serve as one of the biggest assets. Providing many growth opportunities, by bringing innovation to the system. Businesses ranging from small to large scale enterprises are experiencing the value of UCaaS to their organization. What are you thinking then? Contact your nearest UCaaS solution providers and get started. 

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