How IP PBX solution can help a small scale business in 2018-19?

//How IP PBX solution can help a small scale business in 2018-19?

How IP PBX solution can help a small scale business in 2018-19?

An IP PBX solution is a private branch exchange that functions through IP protocols. A private branch exchange or PBX is a local telephone switching solution within an enterprise. We all know that Alexander Graham Bell invented Telephone solution but refused to have the telephone in his study. Be that as it may, today the traditional telephony solution has been transformed into IP PBX solutions. The market is going through competitive fluctuations whether it’s online or offline market.

Call center business is one of the busiest business processes out there. It requires an effective communication solution. Hence the IP PBX solution can be useful in such circumstances. It’s because the IP PBX solution is different than the traditional copper-based telephone solution. In this article, we will figure out how IP PBX solution can help your small business in the year 2018-19.

Here are five benefits of IP PBX solution

1.Convenience in Set up

Regardless of whether you’re moving workplaces, growing staff, updating innovation, or beginning starting with no outside help, it’s important that your association stays accessible by means of the phone consistently. Anyway, customary frameworks are regularly connected with introducing delays, numbers not working, and a couple of long stretches of ‘dead time’ while everything is set up.

An IP PBX solution then again keeps running on a PC without the requirement for complex telco gear or added copper wiring to be kept running into your office. Rather the telephone lines are directed over the Internet. The IP PBX solution changes neighborhood brings to over the information arrange inside your business and enables all clients to have a similar outer telephone line. You even get the chance to keep your customary phone numbers.

2. Better Control

you can manage An IP PBX solution from one central web-based configuration interface to make maintenance and upgrade process hassle-free. The complex interfaces of traditional telephone solutions are not good for your business.

An IP PBX solution is overseen from one focal electronic arrangement interface to make upkeep and updates simple. As compared to customary telephone frameworks that utilization complex interfaces that must be gotten to and overseen by restrictive telephone experts.

3. Greater Scalability

Traditional telephone solutions are very simple to exceed as they just give a specific number of physical lines or ports. Overhauling can be tedious and costly. Now and again you even need an altogether new phone framework.

IP PBX solutions don’t have this issue. IP telephones interface by means of the solution, so you just include or subtract handsets as you require. In any case – you have the perfect measure of gear for your requirements anytime.

4. Productivity enhancing

IP PBX solutions commonly cost not as much as customary frameworks. Anyway, they likewise convey the highlights to build office efficiency, in light of the fact that both hot-desking and remote working are presently effectively conceivable.

Hot-desking is prominent yet it’s relatively outlandish with customary PBXs on the grounds that they require expansions to be re-fixed. With an IP PBX, your clients essentially take their telephone to the new work area, connect to, and wallah, it works!

This idea reaches out to remote working as well. In the event that a worker needs to telecommute, they can start up their product telephone and answer calls to their augmentation as though they are physically in the workplace. Presently you get a good deal on gear and time.

5. Loads of New Features

Unlike traditional telephony solutions, IP PBX solutions have loads of features. This is most important for you to understand as it’s going to change the way you work. Here are some main highlights of IP PBX solution.

  • Call recording/tracking
  • Voicemail to email
  • Ring groups
  • Advanced reporting
  • Call-queues
  • Email notifications
  • Automatic attendants (voice menus)
  • DECT solutions for mobility in and around the office
  • Customer self-administration
  • Computer telephony integration (CTI)
  • Remote workers
  • GSM gateway integration
  • Linking multiple sites


IP PBX solution is one of the main tools in call centers nowadays. In this article, we talked on Traditional solutions and IP PBX solutions as well. If you find this piece of Article informative, please let us know what you think in the remark box.

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