IP PBX Solution

For Secure and Effective VoIP Communication

IP PBX solution is a crucial part of business communication through VoIP technology. Basically, PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange so IP-PBX can be defined as a Private Branch Exchange functioning through IP (Internet Protocol) systems. It is apparently a VoIP Phone system consists of multiple SIP/ VoIP phones with a VoIP gateway. Corporate Clients who use softphones or hardware based phone lines can register with the IP PBX server to make calls.

We Provide a cost-effective IP PBX solution to motivate small businesses for embracing VoIP technology. With more than a decade of experience in VoIP technology and its development. As a leading VoIP service provider, our IP PBX solution is powerful, scalable and is being used by thousands of contact centers, start-up enterprises, organizations and other essential corporations.

Why Choose Our IP PBX Solution ?

Easy to configure and install

Our provided IP-PBX system is easy to install and configure which can help those individuals who can’t afford extra installation, as well as start-up businesses, can be benefited from this.

Simple to Manage

The General User Interface(GUI) of an IP-PBX system is simple and user-friendly than that of traditional PBX systems. Hence you can easily manage our IP-PBX system and personalize it as per your needs.

Global Mobility

With VoIP technology, your phone can be turned into a PC and give you the facility of global mobility. You can move your connection from one system to another easily.

Remote Extensions

The IP-PBX solution facility of ours will give you the advantage of extending your branches which means your agents/employees can plug into an IP based Phone and you can manage them remotely from any place in the world.

Cost Saving

The biggest advantages of an IP-PBX system is that it is affordable than traditional phone lines. Our offered IP-PBX solution is cost-effective and effective in managing your business be it a startup or a growing one.

Key Features of IP PBX solution

  • Call queue
  • Call recording
  • Multi-company reception
  • Simultaneous Ring
  • Extension Status
  • Group call pickup
  • Call Hunt
  • Auto Attendant with IVR
  • IVR (interactive voice response)
  • Call hold
  • Call transfer
  • Direct transfer to a voice mailbox
  • Conference calling
  • Call forwarding, etc.





We offer a reliable, low cost VoIP service that is trusted by thousands of users from over 60 countries including the USA, the UK and Canada. We’ll help you to get all your needs on VoIP.