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Did you know that the Great White Shark is called the undisputed King of the Ocean, even though there are much bigger fish present in the sea? This is because the White Shark always remains on the top of its game no matter the situation. Well, you could be on top of your game in the Data Science industry, if you choose the best VoIP Service Providers that can provide you with the latest tools & technologies with relevant experience in the industry! How VoIP Service Providers can help you utilize the power of Data Science? Want to know? Give this blog a 2 minutes read.

It is the dawn of planet Big Data; Data Science has become the backbone for many organizations, irrespective of their business domain. Besides bringing science to decision-making in a progressive company, it also gives the company a distinctive edge over the competition in a fast-changing marketplace. Data Science is the frontier profession in the era of Industry 4.0; it is ubiquitous in nature – almost every industry now utilizes (or will do so shortly) data analytics to successfully sustain itself and grow in the 21st-century marketplace. This has led to a sharp increase in demand for data science-backed solutions, not only in India but all around the globe – and this trend is set to grow exponentially. You may think that it is only the private sector that uses this service, nay, even governments are finding that Data Analytics is giving them a much greater performance.

To make candidates industry-ready, a number of institutes are now offering a specialized course, usually called the PG Diploma in Data Science, and it’s good to make friends. If you are planning to pursue this course, then you must know a few things that would help you find a good institute:

  • Do VoIP Service Providers provide an Industry-Ready Program?

Data science is the combination of computer science, relevant experience, machine learning, statistics, coding languages, and OEM tools like Python, TensorFlow, Rapid Miner, Hadoop, Spark, Power BI, R, SQL to name a few. You must not miss out on any one of these areas of knowledge, practical exposure, and technologies if you wish to be a sought-after Data Science professional. Make sure that the institute you choose properly covers all of these areas along with an industrial internship for the relevant real-world experience.

  • Theory Vs Practical Knowledge!

The theory is essential to get to know the basics of any subject, but practical knowledge gives a person greater depth & breadth in that subject matter. A well-designed training program that ensures students receive the right mix of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Experts agree that courses that provide theory and practice in a ratio of 40:60 is the way to go. 

  • Who are Your Faculties?

It is the first & foremost thing one should consider before opting for a classroom-based PGDDS program. How could someone teach you properly without having a significant academic background in the theoretical subjects and work experience in the respective industry for the practical subjects? Do make sure that you do your research thoroughly about the faculties who are the key to empower you.

  • 100% Placement Guarantee or 100% Placement Assistance?

Every individual has a dream to get placed in a good company, so placement opportunities are usually a must on one’s bucket list. Many institutes promise a 100% placement guarantee, how many deliver on this promise? Reputed institutes never guarantee you 100% placement; instead, they may ensure 100% placement assistance and make sure that you are trained well so that you would be on every recruiter’s wishlist. Never opt for an institute that gives 100% placement guarantee, choose the one that provides 100% placement assistance. 

  • Duration of The Course?

Data Science is a vast ocean; one can’t cover the entire sea in a day or two. Be wary of institutes advertising this course to be completed in a month or two – qualifications from such institutes would not give you a fantastic career path. The PGDDS must make you industry-ready in order to successfully compete with others. It takes time to cover all areas of this course. The wisest choice is to opt for a course that takes at least a year of full-time (or part-time for working professionals)  intensive study; those opting for the shorter certificate courses should not look at courses that run for less than 6 months.

Companies have realized that Data Analytics plays a significant role in driving a great ROI, and organizations these days want to reap the benefits of digitalization by utilizing the ocean of omnipresent data sources. But the challenge for them remains the same in every field and every sector, i.e., to hire brains fit for the job.

Many big names in India are providing a PG Diploma Course in Data Science in 2021 with the help of VoIP Technology which has become the backbone of education in this pandemic. They are offering a specialized industry-based classroom-cum-industrial internship program for students & working professionals to acquire the required skill-set, giving the candidate the means to make a fortune in the industry. 

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