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Pandemic has left no stone unturned to leave a void in almost every sector and contact centers are no exception. The growing frustration of the people and lack of available human resources to dilute the solutions has created the biggest dilemma for the contact center agents. The rising chaos of the customers and the helpless system are going in two different directions, as a result not coming on good terms with each other. In this situation, what contact center agents need to do in order to deal with the demanding callers? Would like to know? Okay, let’s get started!

Actually what happens is, agents’ walk on a two-sided sword – at one end you have the customers’ whom you need to satisfy and the manager is on the other end who keeps asking for hourly reports. They generally caught between not being able to solve the queries and the fear of losing the job or salary cut. In this scenario as an agent what you need to do? How should you handle the people who are not ready to listen?

The solution lies in your court! Didn’t get it? Just try to put yourself in customers/ shoes and think like an average customer, you will find it easy. Here is the Success Mantra for Contact Center Agents:

  • Don’t take customer words personally: According to studies, approx. 68% of the customers have accepted that they have behaved or been rude with the call center agents at least once and most of them do after the first call. This also indicates that every time the fault is not from your side and there are “bad customers,” too. After all, don’t you get angry when you don’t get what you are promised? This is all about life. It can be a bad day, hectic schedules, having a fight with loved ones, feeling cheated by the company, to name a few – the reasons are endless and as an agent, you need to develop this capability to take it in a professional manner. Don’t take it personally, try to keep your calm and listen to them carefully, by doing so the caller on the other hand would also feel for you and might stop behaving like this.

It is the job of an agent to deal with the difficulties and that is why you are chosen for the job. Always remember that customers don’t have the solution, it’s you who has the solutions and that is why they have called you. Solving queries makes you a good support agent and improves your strengths, not shying away from the situation.

  • Be a good listener: What do you do when you are in a situation? I guess you opt to tell someone else without expecting him/her to interrupt in between? You want that person to listen to you, right? Yes! That is exactly what you need to do. Because they do not have the solutions that are why they have called you, and you are the only person or authorized one who can help them out of the situation. Listen to them with patience and say sorry for the inconvenience on behalf of the company and provide them with the necessary solutions.

After all, do you like others to interrupt when you try to say or explain certain things? Never! So, let them complete their sentences and in between keep your answers ready. If you argue with the customers’ they have nothing to lose, as they will find someone else to do their job. But you are losing a chunk of business opportunities for your company. So, always think from the business side.

  • Address the caller’s using their name: By doing so, you are creating an impression on the customer’s mind that you are paying attention to or value their words and seem to be a responsible individual. According to surveys, 34% of the agents forget to address the callers by their name, which creates a bad impression that costs businesses a fortune. They feel neglected and have wasted their money. Everybody wants respect regardless of their caste, creed, and race, and customers deserve some sort of respect.
  • Do not put them on hold, offer callback options: Nobody likes to be put on hold and customers find it the most frustrating, especially the angry ones. Some solutions require time and they can’t be in place on the immediate effect, as you have to consult your higher authority. But putting them on hold can make them yell at you for no reason. What you can do instead is, request a callback from your end after finding the appropriate solution. It is all about making them feel being taken care of or given priority which they like the most and expect from a service provider. 
  • Offer more than one solution: Instead of asking them to do this & that, better if you put the command in their hands and keep them in the driving seat. You are the person who has all the control, but still when customer’s feel like having a lot of choices they seem to return happy. Certain issues require follow-ups, do make sure you press the right button to win their heart.

The biggest mistake that contact center agents often make is being in a hurry to hang the phone – it’s a really bad sign. It is your job and that’s why you get paid. So, know when to hang up. 

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