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Convert simple clicks into phone calls and allow your customers to contact you with only one click-to-call service.

Including a quick call-back option on your organization/business makes it easier for potential customers to contact you. Visitors can immediately submit their contact information and request a callback after landing on your website.

By including a click-to-call service on your website, you provide potential customers with an easy way to contact you. This solution eliminates the on-hold time and reduces the hassle of connecting with business, providing a quick and cost-free way to connect with your business.

The Click-to-call service also ensures that no potential customers are overlooked. Ensuring that every callback request is attended to increases the likelihood of lead conversion. Customer satisfaction doubles when customer efforts are reduced.

What is the meaning of click to call?

Then click Call, also known as Click-to-Dial, is a feature of sophisticated telephone solutions. It allows you to dial a customer’s number by simply clicking on it, eliminating the need to dial manually. Agent productivity is boosted by VoIPTech solutions’ click-to-call service, which saves time dialing out customer numbers. This reduces Agents’ manual responsibilities, resulting in a significant increase in agent productivity.

The click-to-call solution is a real-time-based calling widget that can be configured on a website/mobile app to allow customers to contact a business and be promptly connected. It enables businesses to let customers contact sales and support by just entering their phone number and receiving a call back within seconds.

What are the benefits of click to call service?

Automate Customer Engagement to Communicate with Your Business.

Setup and activation are simple.

Integrate our API to rapidly put the calling widget on your website/mobile app using a smart plug-and-play technique.

Improve the Caller Experience

Personalized regional language greetings, tailored hold music, and skill-based agent routing improves caller experience.

Call monitoring and tracking

For quality assurance and data analysis, all calls between agents and clients are tracked, recorded, and monitored in real-time.

No dialing by hand

Click to call provide direct call with no intermediate step or automatic call with no single steps between the customer and agent. Also, it saves time.

Enhanced operational effectiveness

Effective operations are performed by click-to-call solutions. The click-to-call technology is a very fast operation performed with no time delay.

Lead Conversion has improved.

The company or business’s revenue increase by using click calls and cause it attracts the customer more.

No calls were missed.

Calls were not missed because click call gives a facility of who click on the call button their number and data will be stored in your server.

Creating a Positive Image

Instant communication leads to a positive brand image, closing the gap between the customer and the business for a more positive experience.

Features of click to call service VoIPTech solutions provide

  • IVR Menu

To build immediate engagement with your consumer, answer every customer inquiry using the IVR’s multi-level menu.

  • Recording Calls

Incoming and outgoing calls are recorded in real-time so that they can be listened to afterward and quality standards are maintained.

  • Routing of Calls

To reduce customer wait time, call routing allows available agents to answer consumer calls while the call is routed to available agents.

  • There is no manual dialing.

The best feature of click-to-call solutions is that agents can reach customers with just a few clicks rather than dialing their phone numbers.

  • Call Transcriptions

Call recordings allow you to monitor the agent’s performance as well as the voice quality of calls.

  • Call it Masking.

This feature enables agents to communicate with customers without revealing their phone numbers.

  • Monitor in real-time

You can monitor all of your business calls in real-time using My Telly’s live panel.

  • Call Monitoring

Track and screen all client call as well as your agents’ daily performance.

  • Call Reporting in Depth

This feature allows you to receive precise continuous reports on the number of calls generated by your dashboard.

Why VoIPTech solutions are the best click-to-call service provider?

Lots of companies provide click-to-call service provider in India also in worldwide but VoIPTech solutions is unique and very trustworthy. Both benefits and futures of click-to-call services provide different and unique. There are a few factors we describe why VoIPTech is best?

  • Features

In minutes, you can change your preferences and toggle features. Make no concessions in terms of scale or flexibility.

  • Reliability

Every year, we handle over one billion calls. You can count on 99 percent uptime.

  • Security

With a multimillion-dollar security budget, VoIPTech is HIPAA and SOC-2 compliant.

  • Contact Quality

Superior voice quality is ensured by high-performance data centers and HD Voice technology.

  • Usability

Anyone, not just technical staff, can set up and use VoIPTech solutions’ cloud PBX system.

  • Excellent Service

Our in-house team is available 24/7 to provide live support for your business needs.

Eliminating the need to manually dial phone number saves time for both businesses and customers. The click-to-call service’s ease of contact doubles the efficiency of the entire communication process. And its simple integration makes click-to-call a range of value-added for any business. Contact VoIPTech solutions to get more details on our click-to-call service for your business.