Have you ever heard about IVR Call Blasting? And what are the benefits of IVR Call Blasting to get rid of unnecessary expenses? Well, YES! But before that, you really need to know what exactly is IVR Call Blasting. IVR Call Blasting is nothing but an automated mass communication technique that is used to broadcast messages or particular information to hundreds or thousands of people at just only one click. However, Call Blasting enables the agent to broadcast messages and contact the targeted audience immediately with both commercial and community applications. And apart from that call blasting dramatically enhances the call center’s productivity which is particularly designed to manage inbound calls. 

However, this technology has the ability to resolve the needs and queries of clients with ease by eliminating the need for any call center agent. And by using speech recognition as well as with telephone keypad, Voice Broadcasting permits customers to interact with computers quite well. Well, through Call Blasting technology call centers have successfully made a remarkable difference in growth rate by opting by analyzing data of customers’ responses. Last but not least through IVR Call Blasting, government organizations and corporate groups are also enhancing their productivity apart from any new start-ups. Isn’t it really amazing?  

Why One Should opt For IVR Blasting? 

Always remember that this technology is being widely incorporated by businesses due to the innumerable advantages offered by IVR blast. And in one go this technology helps your call center maximize its reach. Because with IVR blasting you can effectively deliver secure broadcasting campaigns. However, with cloud-hosted IVR campaigns, the campaign process becomes economical which is quite essential. And to get started with the campaign, you do not need any infrastructural setup. Apart from that to the whole broadcasting process, multiple add-ons such as text-to-speech, predefined message templates are being added. And you can also take advantage of the real-time tracking reports by maximizing the utility of the broadcasting process. 

 From simple promotional broadcasts to payment reminders and more, the applications of IVR blast range usually range. And by optimizing the overall success rate the on-demand scalability, automated call retries, and DNC checks help you increase campaign scope.

What Are The Various Features Of IVR Blasting?

Always remember that in a shorter time frame, it can help an enterprise reach height besides enhancing efficacy and cutting down on unnecessary expenses. However, voice broadcasting services are being used by businesses from various industries. 

Some of the most notable and significant features of cloud-hosted IVR blasting service are listed below: 

  1. Efficient Campaign Scheduling: As per your business requirements, the IVR blasting service allows you to customize your campaigns. And as per their target audience businesses can schedule the campaign for any time of the day. However,  by reaching the audience at the right time, this effective campaign scheduling maximizes the reach of the broadcast.  
  1. Run Multiple Campaigns Simultaneously:  However, it allows businesses to run a number of campaigns simultaneously which is undoubtedly the best thing about IVR blasting.  And on a single dashboard, you can efficiently operate and monitor various voice broadcasting campaigns. To increase efficiency and improve the overall performance of a business, IVR blast indeed gives a significant boost factor.
  1. DNC List Check: Usually with the facility of DNC list check the Voice broadcasting comes. To filter the uninterested audience in-built DNC check helps a lot. And the DNC check is automatically applied while uploading the data into the broadcasting portal. However, for the campaign managers, this automatic check eliminates the need of manually filtering the data which is a great relief. 
  1. Automatic Email Reports:  Automatic email reports are one of the most notable features of IVR blast. And you can automatically send daily campaign updates to the members of your team via email with this feature. 
  1. Text-to-speech:  Text-to-speech is another significant feature IVR blast comes with. However, you can easily convert your text into an audio message with this excellent feature.  Just type the text and click the “convert” button. And the whole process becomes smoother with the In-built TTS integration. 
  1. Pay-as-you-use:  You get to take your pick from a wide range of plans which are in accordance with your business requirements while using a cloud-hosted IVR blasting service. Moreover, you only get to pay for the calls & minutes which are answered by the customers with the pay-as-you-use method. And you do not have to pay the charges for the same only if the calls remain unanswered. 
  1. Infinite Scalability:  Always remember that there is nothing like limited scalability when it comes to IVR blasting. However, to enhance your campaign reach at any point in time you can make use of the scalable infrastructure and flexible pricing plans.
  2. Round The Clock Customer Support: Voice broadcast service providers like VoIP Tech Solutions deliver round-the-clock assistance to their customers. And to get their queries resolved this ensures that no customer has to wait too long. At any time of the day, you can also connect with our product experts over email, call or chat.
  3. Real-time Analytics: An amazing feature that allows you to monitor a number of live campaigns with a user-friendly dashboard and real-time reports concurrently is Real-time call analytics. However, it gives a significant boost to the efficacy and performance of your campaign.
  1. No Infrastructure Setup:  Cloud-hosted IVR blasting can be quite useful only if you do not have the capital to set up an infrastructure. And with your VoIP Tech web portal, you can substitute the intricate infrastructural setup. But all you need to fulfill your requirements is a stable internet connection is required. 

Various Benefits Of IVR Call Blasting are listed below: 

Call Blasting Service can benefit your business in many other ways, besides enhancing efficiency and cutting down unnecessary expenses: 

  • Analytics: Offering an important feature of data analytics is IVR Call Blasting. A user can research and analyze information related to the customer by this. However, monitoring real-time reports of a campaign it gives an effective boost to your campaign’s efficiency and performance.
  • Automatic Email report: However, to send campaign details to anyone via email to the agents is being allowed by IVR Call Blasting
  • Do Not Call list: It deserves a call from the ones who never answer the company’s call with the facility of filtering contacts that comes with a Call Blasting. 
  • Efficient Campaign Management: Call Blasting manages a number of campaigns and enables users to run simultaneously. However, a significant boost to your campaign’s performance is given by IVR Call Blasting. 
  • Worldwide: By using IVR Call Blasting technology, targeted audience, and customers and be contacted easily. 
  • Interactive Customer Experience: By providing them with certain menus,  IVR Call Blasting opens up a network of choices to the customer, to which they can respond through voice or touchpad.
  • Flexibility: As it is for customers Call Blasting is flexible to your business. And if required you can easily alter and record a message. Also, within an hour it enables you to generate a new message and broadcast it. 
  • Wider Reach: Call Blasting seems helpful to the audience which belongs to the category of illiterates, unlike other messages, who prefer to communicate verbally.
  • Consistency: The primary requirement of any company is being consistent but it is probably not attainable via manual calls. And while maintaining consistency in their voice, tone, and messages, Call Blasting helps the brand a lot.
  • Scalability: When it comes to building a stronger client or market-based IVR is hard to beat as thousands of calls are placed at the same time. 

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