A virtual number with OTP is best for your business just one OTP is best for authentication and network security.

What is a Virtual number?

A virtual number is not associated with a specific location. To call or receive calls, virtual numbers can be used on any phone, including VoIP desk phones, cell phones, and softphones. It’s perfect for both office employees and those who work from home.

You have the option of selecting and altering which devices get calls from the virtual number. Because of their versatility, they’re sometimes referred to as “secondary” numbers. Virtual numbers also provide more anonymity than traditional phone numbers, which may be found in web directories.

Virtual numbers are becoming incredibly common. They are used by businesses to take calls from customers all around the world, regardless of their location. It allows them to stay in touch with their customers at all times. They are unable to distinguish between a virtual and a traditional phone number.

How Virtual number works

A SIM card or a real address is not required for virtual numbers. It enables actual phone calls between people using secure internet technology.

Virtual numbers, on the other hand, accept calls using VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) (VoIP). Fundamentally, it’s the same tried-and-true technology that powers messages, WhatsApp, and Google Voice calls and texts.

VoIP has risen in popularity as a result of its ability to provide real-time communication via current broadband connections. Your phone calls are digitized and connected through the internet and traditional phone networks when you use a cloud communications service. Over time, additional VoIP codecs have emerged that give excellent call quality without consuming excessive data.

In the United States, phone numbers are transferable, so you won’t have to change them. The procedure is called number porting, and it ensures that you may keep your business phone number no matter which VoIP service you choose. Number porting is the process of numbers transferable from one to another.

As a result, taking calls over a VoIP phone number does not necessitate a wired Ethernet connection.

What do you mean by Virtual number with OTP? 

OTP is also known as a one-time password and its validity is for a minimum of 10 minutes to 20 minutes. It’s not shareable by anyone and its main purpose is security. OTP is mainly used for authentication and network security.

If someone has stolen your OTP there may be a data loss or hacking of network security or use your virtual phone number for hacking which will affect your career so keep your OTP more secure than your number, don’t think it’s just a number but it’s a security purpose number.

Just in one OTP, your number will be set for all VoIP services. Your data is secure with us(VoIPTech solutions).

What are the differences between Virtual numbers and traditional phone numbers?

Virtual numbers may appear to be a complicated or, at the very least, expensive phone system alternative. That is simply not true. Many organizations and individuals are increasingly switching from traditional phone numbers to virtual numbers since it is a simple and cost-effective solution.

Those who are already familiar with cloud-based applications will be familiar with the technology underlying a virtual number. One of the key ways that virtual numbers are more cost-effective is through cloud computing. By utilizing data centers to facilitate calls and host software, costs can be divided across a larger number of users without the need to maintain physical lines or other costly equipment.

The traditional phone provider normally installs and provides traditional phone numbers. The majority of people are unaware that they, not the telephone company, own the phone number. Phone lines are usually assigned to the street location where they are installed by telephone companies.

Traditional phone lines necessitate the installation of phone wires throughout the building to reach each desk phone. Telecom line installation isn’t always simple or feasible in every office.

A virtual number, on the other hand, can be used anywhere and is not tied to a specific place. Because they share the same cloud PBX, it works for employees both in and out of the office.

That means your in-house or virtual workforce can answer calls from the virtual number from their workplace, home, or cell phone. In addition, depending on your staff availability, you can determine who receives incoming calls from the virtual number

Advantages of Virtual Phone number

  • Integration with the Interactive Voice Response(IVR) System

Have you ever wished that a caller from Odisha would be received in Odia, while a caller from Odisha would be greeted in Odia? This, and a lot more, can be accomplished with virtual numbers and IVR technology.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a powerful telephony system that automates all of your communication needs. It plays a pre-recorded message to all incoming callers before routing them to the proper team or agent. Self-service options and technology-assisted support are also available to callers. Businesses benefit from reduced wait times and improved analytics, which leads to increased overall efficiency.

  • Number Porting

A well-publicized and well-marketed business phone number can quickly become a symbol of your identity. Changing your phone number in the middle of a transaction can affect your sales and your brand’s image.

A virtual number enables easy porting, guaranteeing that your phone number remains yours! If you wish to move your company to a different city or check out a new cloud telephony service provider, you may do it easily by paying a small number transfer charge.

  • 24*7 Services

In today’s world, businesses must be connected 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A company’s loss of potential clients can be devastating, therefore you can’t afford to miss a single call. A virtual number takes care of this for you by automatically routing calls to the specified destination. This Virtual number allows you to take calls from anywhere, any location including on the run. It also provides operational flexibility for your agents, who no longer need to work from a physical location. By incorporating this technology into your communication paradigm, you will never miss another call.

  • With auto-attendants, you can improve caller satisfaction.

Auto attendants are available from cloud phone service companies such as VoIPTech solutions. Callers are greeted by an auto-attendant who provides a simple menu to help them find the correct individual. This function prevents callers from wasting time conveying their problems to the incorrect person.

  • Improve data security with OTP

For authentication of your  Virtual number, we will be sent an SMS or OTP to your number for verification. OTP is mainly helpful with network security. 

For your business communication needs, a virtual number is an intelligent choice. At an affordable price, it provides significant features such as call routing, auto-notifications, and more. Virtual number and cloud telephony solutions have already earned a name for themselves in the corporate world by improving customer experience and facilitating business expansion. It’s time to leverage technological advancements into your business model and scale new heights.

Why VoIPTech Solutions?

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