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FreeSwitch Module Development for Seamless VoIP Communication

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FreeSWITCH is an adaptable open source cross-stage communication Platform intended to course and interconnect prominent communication protocols utilizing sound, video, content or some other type of media. It is capable of performing full video transcoding and MCU functionality using its conferencing module. It also supports many advanced SIP features which ensure hassle-free business communication.

VoIPTech Solutions provide cost-savvy FreeSWITCH module development to satiate the telecom requirements of enterprises. We have hand-picked developers who have years of experience in Freeswitch application and module development. Our dedication and client-friendliness make us a global market leader in this domain.

Why Choose Free Switch?

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FreeSwitch is an open source platform hence it is easy to utilize. FreeSWITCH framework likewise gives better execution for video and audio calling. This makes it appropriate for business VoIP communication advancement. This VoIP stage likewise has to bolster for more simultaneous calls contrasted with its partners.

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FreeSWITCH has all the PBX (Private Branch Exchange) usefulness in it. Any easy to complex VoIP Solution can be created over it. This innovation has numerous focal points contrasted with its partners. The FreeSWITCH is created by remembering a particular approach so it can be utilized to create distinctive sorts of FreeSWITCH development which will appreciate greatest conceivable stability.

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FreeSWITCH framework supports most common coded languages and applications like JavaScript, C++, Lua, .NET, Python and Perl. FreeSWITCH is more versatile than its partners because of its secluded outlines. Its cross stage bolster makes it the best VoIP development platform to build up an adaptable VoIP Solution.

Key Features of FreeSWITCH Development
  • Modular system
  • Multi-tenant
  • Shared Line Appearance (SLA)
  • Voicemail with MWI (Message Waiting Indicator)
  • Bypass/proxy media mode
  • Write IVR's in several different languages
  • Flexible CDR system
  • Call Groups (Ring Groups)
  • Dial Groups (Different From Call Groups)
  • Intercom (Paging)
  • Anti-SPIT (Spam over Internet Telephony)