Don’t you think that Cloud Based Predictive Dialer has been the favorite tool in the call center industry? Because the Cloud Based Predictive Dialer is the best way which completely ensures smooth running operations by making the call connectivity high between the customer and the agents. This is why most of the organizations are adding up a Cloud Based Predictive Dialer to their sales, marketing and customer management suites. However, there are many benefits  of this outbound dialer for any businesses like real-time interactions, better customer experience, increased call agent efficiency and improved lead management.     

However, always remember that, Cloud Based Predictive Dialer has become the foremost need for most of the organizations. That is the reason why a contact center is very essential for great customer experience and productivity. Because none of the organization is using a manual dialing machine to dial and call the customer rather they choose Cloud Based Predictive Dialer to save a lot of time along with money.  

What is a Cloud Based Predictive Dialer?

A software that dials a list of phone numbers within a fraction of time more accurately and also returns the calls to your call center representatives is known as a Cloud Based Predictive Dialer. And the software is designed so that it could accurately predict the representatives availability, answering machines, disconnected phones, screen out busy signals and for faster connectivity of the sales agents with the leads it optimizes the outbound call paces.   

Apart from that there are some systems available that use machine learning algorithms only to spend less time between the conversation time period for your agents along with the hold time for the customers whenever the agent is not available which is called an outbound dialer or a hosted dialer. Moreover, the software also analyses dropped calls, total number of active agents, answered calls and filtering out the unproductive calls which becomes a great help for the agents of getting more talk time. When you can choose the physical on-premise hardware to complete these tasks, at the same time the other organizations use a Cloud Based Predictive Dialer with their overall contact center channel.   

Why investing in a cloud based predictive dialer is a good decision?

Being aware of the market growth, it is really tough to navigate and come to a conclusion about the actual benefit of your business and how it can provide a decent ROI. However, if you are considering a call center, then the predictive dialer would be a great choice for it. 

  • Busy Schedule:  Always focus on doing great work rather than some mediocre things like wasting a lot of time and energy training your staff. There are many options served on your plate like maximizing productivity, satisfied customers and sales team management. Never waste your time on hacking systems to double your call center agent’s task list rather focus on great outcomes. 
  • Wanted efficient sales team:  Stop using the manual dialing method, use the automatic dialing process of calling the customers only to avoid the wastage of time of your sales representatives. Ultimately you can say that it increases the overall efficiency of an agent’s working hours which adversely increases the agent’s productivity by reducing the holding time period and accelerating the sales. 
  • Managing the leads in a smarter way:  For better and smarter lead management, you can go for integrating a cloud based predictive dialer across various platforms just like email, mobile, phone, social media and many more. However, an outbound call helps you in managing your communications and messages across multiple platforms. 
  • Determined Providing exemplary customer service: Always keep in mind that a cloud based dialer boosts various specific features which easily allows the agents to contact the potential leads as per the convenience and availability of the customers. Providing various options like morning time during home, during the day time at the office or over the weekend through SMS or text messages. Apart from that you can simply put a voicemail also. However the three things which are needed are stronger customer service,  best brand affinity and more prospects for long run sales. Through these powerful things you can really make your contact center emerge like never before. 
  • Reducing the operational costs: Who doesn’t want to reduce when it comes to cost? And when you really want to reduce the number of agents on staff along with the call lines without sacrificing any results in that case a cloud based predictive dialer can help you a lot. Apart from that it makes the live calls possible for your call center with fewer staff. Isn’t it really amazing?  

How Does It Work? 

Ultimately you can say that a predictive dialer is nothing but a computerized phone system specifically designed to connect the sales representatives with the potential leads that automatically calls. However being the greater invention started after computer integration for great customer service by connecting the next customer automatically. 

After all a predictive dialer goes a step forward as compared to an auto dialer only through the analysis of call statics and call center agents performance which ultimately focuses on minimizing the downtime of the call center agents and getting more sales. 

Benefits of a cloud dialer that can’t be understated:  

While respecting compliance regulation, a cloud based predictive dialer can easily improve productivity and also increases the contact rate. To focus on the bigger goals, it takes the heavy-handedness out of the routing calls as per the agents availability, giving time, space and energy and most importantly maximizing the overall efficiency. While offering some specific features to your teams such as caller ID, callback and many others, this software will provide you with a single number to take the calls, keep the data and communications in sync across the devices which seamlessly unify your phone, social content and phone. 

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