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Did you know that the Great White Shark is called the undisputed King of the Ocean, even though there are much bigger fish present in the sea? This is because the White Shark always remains on the top of its game no matter the situation. Well, you could be on top of your game in this highly competitive digital marketing landscape, if you have the best AI tools & technologies. Where can you avail them? Well, this is a million-dollar question with a very simple answer – by hiring a VoIP Development Company. How does a VoIP Development Company can help? Want to know how? Give this blog a 2 minutes read.

It is the dawn of planet digital; and Data has become the backbone for many organizations, irrespective of their business domain. Besides bringing science to decision-making in a progressive company, it also gives the company a distinctive edge over the competition in a fast-changing marketplace. AI is the frontier technology in the era of Industry 4.0; it is ubiquitous in nature – almost every industry now utilizes (or will do so shortly) data analytics to successfully sustain itself and grow in the 21st-century marketplace. This has led to a sharp increase in demand for AI-based software systems, not only in India but all around the globe – and this trend is set to grow exponentially. You may think that it is only the private sector that uses this service; no – even governments are looking up to Data Analytics for achieving much greater performance.

To give your company that competitive edge, a number of VoIP providers are now offering specialized AI solutions, known as cloud-based IVR systems, and it’s really helping them make big money by saving a ton. If you are planning to introduce AI into your current system, then you must know a few things that would help you find a good VoIP Development Company:

Does It Provide AI-Ready Solutions: AI is a combination of computer science, machine learning, statistics, coding languages, and OEM tools like Python, TensorFlow, Rapid Miner, Hadoop, Spark, Power BI, R, SQL to name a few. You must not miss out on any one of these areas of knowledge, practical exposure, and technologies if you are hiring solutions from a VoIP provider. Make sure that the service provider you choose has professionals that cover all of these areas along with relevant industry working experience.

Theory Vs Practical Knowledge: Theory is essential to get to know the basics of any subject, but practical knowledge gives a person greater depth & breadth in that subject matter. A well-designed AI-based solution ensures you receive the right mix of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Experts agree that solution providers that have both theory and industry experience in a ratio of 40:60 are the way to go.

Who is your expert: It is the first & foremost thing one should consider before opting for a VoIP-based AI solution. How could someone help you properly without having a significant academic background in the theoretical subjects and work experience in the respective industry for the practical subjects? Do make sure that you do your research thoroughly about the service provider and ask for a reference for their previous work.

24/7 Technical Support: Every business has a dream to achieve its end goals, so and with support one simply can not. Many service providers promise technical assistance, but how many deliver on this promise? Reputed service providers ensure 24/7 technical support; with on-site assistance and they do make sure that you can also take care of a few aspects without any individual help. Never opt for a service provider that does not guarantee 24/7 support.

Duration of the Project Completion: Artificial Intelligence is a vast ocean; one can’t cover the entire sea in a day or two. Be wary of service providers that advertise this can be done in a few minutes. The AI solutions that are implemented with the utmost care and supervision of experts make things easier for you without any hassle back then. The wisest choice is to opt for a service provider that takes at least an hour or two to do the research for your communication complications, feasibility study and then bring in technologies that can deliver.

Most companies have realized that Data Analytics plays a significant role in driving a great ROI, and organizations these days want to reap the benefits of digitalization by utilizing the ocean of omnipresent data sources. But the challenge for them remains the same in every field and every sector, i.e., to hire the best service providers that can accomplish the job with a better communication outlook.

Many big names in India are providing AI solutions for business communications and VoIPTech Solutions is one of them. We are providing industry-based AI solutions that are specially tailored for you. We make sure you stay a step ahead of others.

What are you waiting for? Have you installed this innovative feature in your calling system? Not yet? Speak to the VoIPTech Solutions technical expert team at: +91-6746828203. They will tell you what is suitable for you right at the moment and what are features should include in your current subscription.