With the rise in numbers of remote working instances, business data protection has become a hot topic for debate. The spread of novel coronavirus has forced businesses all around the globe to make a shift from office premises to remote work concept. According to recent studies, there is a record rise of 51% telecommuting hours since the lockdown in force. The Covid vaccine might have arrived, but there are still signs of uncertainty revolving around the sky. 81% of companies are said to be in no mood to keep flexible work policies out of action in near future. The reason is obvious, higher productivity rate accordion to the correspondents. Here the Cloud Telephony comes to the rescue. How does Cloud Telephony help?

The productivity graph is definitely up there, however, the same opinion can’t be drawn when it comes to data security. Why? The home networks, personal devices, and cloud-based apps used by the remote workforce are less secure compared to their office premise counterparts. These days data is more dispersed than ever and highly vulnerable to cyber attacks, especially on networks that lack the same level of protection as that of the office networks. 

With most of the IT organizations started deploying Microsoft 365, they have a dedicated team taking care of the maintenance of complex hardware network structure and built-in infrastructure. But that they can achieve at the cost of losing granular control over the containers that hold their business data. As long as everything is running smoothly nothing to worry about, but the real challenge arises when someone wipes out his/her data from the OneDrive, and shift+delete from the Recycle Bin as well. According to recent studies, approx, 70% of businesses around the globe have somehow faced a similar kind of situation in SaaS environments.

Data recovery is definitely a herculean task, especially when it is done on a large-scale. The process can be very time-consuming, as it involves multiple steps that need to be performed manually. Having a backup and advanced recovery tool can help you overcome the complex scenarios of disaster recovery. It uses an administrative dashboard to accomplish the job. The major part of the communication happens to be on telecommunications platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom. With video conferencing & chat being the new face-to-face interaction, data protection has become more challenging. Thanks to the backup tools, administrators can take a sense of relief as they can recover & restore the data to its original location.

How to Handle Exchange Mailboxes?

What to do when employees leave your organization? To continue paying for the same licenses just to be able to sign in into the mailboxes or placing the emails into a shared mailbox? Which one is right? In case the admin assigns the license of the former employee to a new joiner, then all the old data will be lost. So, what is the ideal way to archive the data? The answer is with the designated tools. They can be really helpful when you want to recover an inadvertently deleted mailbox.

How to protect your complete portfolio?

Even before the pandemic, organizations were using various cloud-based platforms and tools to collaborate. With organizations lacking knowledge about different cloud-based tools & apps, the major portion of data is now vulnerable to cyber threats and in the range of hackers. Different team collaboration and productivity apps remain highly effective for their technical prowess, however, they are not meant to perform disaster recovery.

With data recovery tools, you can save time, resources, and money by recovering the accidentally deleted files, while providing a safe haven for crucial business communications. Keeping an eye on the extension of the flexible remote working scenarios, businesses need to safeguard their cloud data and software apps to avoid any kind of data loss with Cloud Telephony.

VoIP Providers in India offer you a lot of benefits, starting from cloud data protection & CRM integration to different software solutions, ensuring zero data loss. To operate from home and not being vulnerable to data theft certainly have challenges and difficulties, but with advanced data recovery & protection tools, you can ensure a smooth operation. Most VoIP service providers are offering different services that come included in the VoIP wholesale plans to help companies improve their bottom line. This comes with a long list of benefits that eventually results in improved data security & recovery options. The easier option is to hire a reliable Indian VoIP service provider that can provide you fully licensed software tools at wholesale prices. 

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