Well, always keep in mind that for businesses to stay in touch and drive customer engagement during these unprecedented times Bulk SMS Marketing has continued to be the go-to option. Don’t you think so? And to get the message across to anyone with a cellular connection is one of the most convenient means of communication. 

However, to a great extent, along with the fact that Bulk SMS is always delivered to mobile devices, regardless of the users’ location the rise in mobile penetration boosted SMS communication. 

SMS Services for Smooth Communication

To communicate with people while maintaining social distance, SMS was quite a reliable communication option that helped agencies, companies, and even the government. It not only helped regulators to deliver crucial instructions, information, and alerts to people but also allowed businesses to promote their services and stay in touch with their customers. Basically, it has picked up again as governments began to end lockdowns and mandatory isolations but at the same time, the various stages of lockdowns in different parts of the world did lead to a slight lull in retail SMS marketing as well as A2P traffic from airlines and hotels. On the other hand,  during COVID-19 A2P traffic from the banking and healthcare sectors significantly surged.

Mitigating SMS Fraud

Well, fraudsters have increased fraudulent activities such as Smishing to scam unsuspecting people by taking advantage of the uncertainty of the situation. With the intention of extracting money or personal details, this type of fraud usually involves sending fake links. During this pandemic, spoofing that allows fraudsters to alter the Sender ID details has also been on an upswing. In various countries, with people receiving fake alerts and bills, several instances of COVID-themed SMS attacks were noted. And using a strong SMS Firewall that not only puts an end to these problems but also tackles grey routes which are becoming a challenge where these frauds need to be mitigated. The firewall can effectively reduce spam, filter unwanted traffic and prevent network abuse.

During COVID-19, why Businesses are Opting for SMS Marketing?

For businesses, in recent times A2P SMS has become the go-to marketing technique. To opt for it during state-mandated lockdowns the COVID-19 pandemic gave it a further boost compelling more and more businesses. But the question arises here: what makes Bulk SMS marketing an ideal option for businesses? Just Scroll down to find out.

Accessibility:  However, accessibility is the most important advantage of using A2P messages to reach your customers, and that it is almost always delivered to mobile phones.  Within 3 seconds of receiving them, text messages boast an open rate of 98% and 90% of them are read by the user. And with a greater reach, these statistics prove that SMS is a reliable retail marketing tool.

Personalization:  With specific information, SMS can also be customized and used for targeting customers on all stages in the sales funnel. So just send an offer to an existing customer, provide order and shipping details, or ask for feedback, whether you want to attract a new customer with promotions, SMS is a versatile option that fulfills all the requirements. Many businesses have opted to promote their services with personalized text messages, targeting the specific needs of their customers during the pandemic.

Customer Engagement:  Another SMS promotional activity being used by the businesses informing customers about the safety precautions observed in their stores or restaurants. With the help of text messages, re-engaging customers is a challenge that can be accomplished. About re-opening their store’s businesses can inform them, send offers for in-store visits, and answer questions directly via SMS. By the majority of the users, businesses can ensure that the messages are delivered at a precise time for maximum impact considering that SMS messages are opened instantly. As the click-through rate for SMS is relatively high as compared to emails gauging customer satisfaction and getting feedback for products is a far simpler process.

For customer engagement and enhancement in these unprecedented times, it is not an exaggeration to say that A2P SMS is one of the most successful ways of promoting your business and.  From promotional campaigns and marketing to customer servicing an advanced Enterprise Messaging Solution can take care of all your requirements right. To consider for your SMS promotional activities reliability,  Cost-effectiveness and the fast plug-and-play system of A2P messaging solutions make them even more attractive.

To take advantage of this SMS promotion attribute, constantly offering value to your clients by your campaign is the best method. Whereas you could fight that all advertising must do this in which SMS is a unique case. And when you have a particular action you wish your clients to take since conversion rates are very high with text messages you should only deliver SMS. However,  it signifies that you might only be delivered 2 to 4 messages in a month by trusting us when we articulate that your clients would thank you. And if you can offer an appended worth to your client with each sole message your clients would begin to get agitated when they go through your SMS. However, for retaining clients and decreasing your mix rate SMS marketing is an extremely powerful device and apart from all these facts, never forget that it can be completed properly only as you may see. 

And to offer the best possible service for your clients SMS marketing does not work in a space, and a good campaign would be mixed with different client retention methods like everything. Well, if you are looking for a method to keep more of your clients at a portion of the cost of different channels SMS marketing probably is what you are searching for. 

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