Top 5 Reasons to Deploy Automated Phone Verification System for Your Business

//Top 5 Reasons to Deploy Automated Phone Verification System for Your Business

Top 5 Reasons to Deploy Automated Phone Verification System for Your Business

Automated Phone Verification system is a process to authenticate or validate phone numbers. It is a security framework that helps businesses to protect their users against fraud and illegal activities.

Phone verification API

The automated phone verification system has various advanced features to verify callers. It works through HTTP or SOAP API to verify caller.

Call Verification online

Automated Phone verification system conducts call verification online. The process of online call verification begins with an automated transparent call to any number. After this, the phone verification system sends a verification code to the caller to authenticate him/her.

How Automated Phone Verification system Helps Businesses

In this era of digital revolution, companies are trying to strengthen their web security due to fraudulent activities by scammers. A security breach can result in poor customer experience which is not good for a brand. Therefore an effective authentication system is required to help small businesses especially call centers.

Nowadays automated phone verification system is used by businesses to ensure the security of their company and data. As per various surveys, almost 7 billion mobile phone numbers are registered worldwide. Therefore mobile phone verification has become the ultimate way to validate the identity of users. In this article, we will discuss why you should deploy automated phone verification system for your business.

Authenticating Registered Users

Call center software providers often provide free trials of their software; hence they need to make sure that the users are valid. The automated phone verification system can help you to authenticate your users ensuring the user is who he claims to be.

For example, a new user registers with call center software for a free trial. When he registers he instantly gets an SMS with a PIN code or OTP to enter on the respected website to complete the user registration process.

Here are 5 ways the automated phone verification system works

  1. Authentication of Upgrades: Many software companies and application developers offer two versions of their products. A free version and a premium version are offered by most providers today. Here phone verification system generates a PIN number and sends it to the users to make sure that the user intends to upgrade and not do any fraudulent downloads.
  2. Password Rearrange: Sometimes users try to login to their services or applications. Hence different IP addresses and devices may confuse the providers. In such circumstances, software providers or App developers use automated phone verification system to identify whether the user is real or not.
  3. Reactivate users: When a user opens its account after a long time, the website/software asks him to verify its identity. It is done to stop scammers accessing the private data of the user. Phone verification system plays a crucial role here to stop fraudulent activities.
  4. Refresh user details: Any service or application you use nowadays, you have to give your contact details and other information as well. For instance, if a user decides to change its profile information, he must verify his identity. Here the automated phone number verification system helps
  5. Transaction Authentication: In banking sectors, phone number verification system is used to help users to protect their official data and transaction-related information. If someone tries to access into another one bank account, the phone verification system immediately sends an alert SMS to the real user about the incident.


Phone number verification system is an important tool to protect the users’ data these days. We discussed on phone verification system and why you need to use it for your business. We welcome your views and suggestions regarding Phone verification system in the remark box.

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