Since its origin VOIPTECH solutions have been putting forth video, sound and web conferencing that can reach to anybody from each niche and corner of the world, whenever. Being the best VOIP provider and additionally, graphic design company VOIPTECH gives best conferencing answers for its customers. Working with a group of specialists in different fields we give quality services that are financially savvy, alluring outcomes and executed by the supporter's necessities. Subsequently, these administrations are required in different fields. Our advancement demonstrates our sense of duty regarding be on the main edge of sound, video, and web conferencing arrangement improvement.

Conferencing Solutions We Render

  • Audio Conferencing Solution

    Audio communication is made easy anywhere in the world. You can count on Ecosmob to provide easy-to-use audio conferencing solutions.

  • Web Conferencing Solution:

    You can prefer web conferencing service when it comes to training, technical support or webinars.

  • Video Conferencing Solution:

    This helps you conduct interviews or company-wide announcement from anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Conferencing Software Solution

  • Reduced Travel Costs
  • Reinforces Relationships
  • Simplifies the meeting experience
  • Save time by planning and scheduling meetings without location constraint and with much ease
  • Increases Productivity among Teams and Customers
  • Keeps Team or Employees Connected
  • Brings everyone together on mobile to immersive video system
  • Improves Remote Communication
  • Maintains Business Relationships
  • Makes collaboration Better and Fruitful
  • Easy to use and affordable

Conferencing Solution Bridging

Features of Conferencing System

  • HD Quality Video
  • Playback and Recording
  • Personalized Meeting rooms
  • Conference Scheduler
  • Conference Recording
  • Conference wise Polling
  • Configurable Music on Hold
  • Entry-Exit chimes
  • Name-Mapping
  • Raise Hand
  • Authentication with Additional Security Code
  • Different Modes of Conversation:
    • Presentation
    • Question-Answer
    • Many more
  • DTMF based Features
    • Volume-up
    • Volume-down
    • Hangup
    • Mute
    • Unmute
    • Rollcall
    • Many more
  • Class of Service (CoS) based parameter integration
    • duration of conference
    • number of participants
    • number of moderators
    • music on hold etc.
  • Management of
    • Conference
    • Company
    • User
    • Operator
  • Phone Book
  • NIP Feature – Name & Pin Mapping
  • Mail Notifications
  • Rollcall Feature
  • Active Speaker Display
  • Raise Hand Feature
  • Mute All
  • Unmute All

  • Dialout Participant Facility From LCV and Phone book
  • CoS (Class of Service )
  • Live Conference Viewer (LCV-Monitor/Control)
  • From LCV (Live Conference Viewer)
  • Different Modes of Conversation:
    • Start Recording
    • Pause Recording
    • Resume Recording
    • Stop Recording
    • Dialout
    • Hangup
    • Mute
    • Unmute
    • Volume Parameters Setting in Live Conference
  • Audit Logs
    • Operator Audit Logs
    • User Audit Logs
  • Reports
  • End Conference

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