Convert website visitors into potential clients using our click to call software. VoIPTech’s click to talk system is easy to implement in your websites or portals resulting in improved user experience, active website engagement and more sales leads! The software offered by us lets you have an effective management of customer support and consumers feedback functions and more. It is well equipped with all advanced features.

It lets users click a button placed on websites that will instantly let them speak with a customer service and sales representative. Click to talk services allow companies pave the way for their website visitors to connect to their company representatives/agents/departments on a voice channel at a click of button embedded within the websites. Use our cost-effective click to call solution to increase customer loyalty within a very short time.

Robust Click to Call Solution

Click To Call Solution Key Features

  • CDR Report generation
  • Upload rate cards from csv, excel and text files
  • Call Ratings
  • N-level fail-over for trunks

Click To Talk System Key Benefits

  • Manages Providers, trunks, customers and rate cards
  • No Software required
  • Saves time and money
  • User-friendly developer API’s for easy integration
  • Maximizes online sale opportunities
  • Increases revenue
  • Improves quality of customer experience

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